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Block Your Calendars: Nairobi's Top 5 Events Are Happening Soon!

TGIF! Yes, thank God it’s February. January was quite the month and boy aren’t we glad that’s behind us. We’ve rounded up some of Nairobi’s biggest events that you should look out for, and definitely purpose to attend.



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Saucy September: Must-Attend Events This Month

If events are a staple food for you, then September is definitely your month. Here are some highlights on events coming up.

1.     Koroga Festival 19th Edition

This edition is holding nothing back. Congolese singer-songwriter, producer and dancer extraordinaire Mr. Fally Ipupa will be in town to rock your Sunday afternoon. Dan Aceda, the Crown Prince of Benga and The Kansoul are also expected to perform. We’re mostly looking forward to seeing the soul sisters Linda live. If their YouTube channel is anything to go by, Linda are the next big thing.

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