2018 Hospitality Marketing Trends

2018 Hospitality Marketing Trends

On 1 October 2018

The hospitality industry is a dynamic one. Things change fast and move quickly. How then does a hotel, airline or travel stay relevant?

Marketing for the hospitality industry is rather different from other industries seeing as you are not selling a product or a service; it is more of an experience. Every other day marketing continues to evolve and different trends keep coming up. Below we are going to discuss the 2018 hospitality marketing trends.

  1.   Invest in millenials

Millenials are the number one generation that is heavily invested in the travel and hotel industry. They are much more prone to travel either for business or for pleasure. Once they find a brand they love, they develop loyalty towards it and actively want to participate. You should invest in loyalty programs such as providing discounts so as to encourage them to keep plugging in.  On the other hand, they easily get bored. It’s therefore important to keep engaging them and ensure they can relate to your brand in a genuine way on a continuous basis . Encourage those that visit your hotel to give reviews on social media about their experience. It is important to get both positive and negative reviews so as to ensure that you can keep getting better.

  1.      Leverage the use of videos

Out of all types of content pushed out in the travel and hotel industry, videos are the most productive. Youtube has over one billion users hence it is a great platform to share the videos for various hotel experiences. Videos give the audience a more personalised feel of the hotel leaving them yearning to be there to experience it themselves. Hotels actively use this method, by paying for quality videos to be taken of their spaces, the activities they have to offer and testimonials of people who have been there. These videos are then shared on various online platforms.

  1.      Mobile Marketing

Google reports that people are researching more on mobile whenever they are searching for places to stay for holiday; however most of the bookings are done on the desktop. The goal is to keep showing up during the research process by generating quality leads. It is important to make your booking process mobile friendly so as to make it easy for your clients to make the bookings at their convenience.

  1.      Personalization

It is important to make your customers feel you care about their personal needs and you are intentional about meeting them. A sure way to capture the attention of your customers is to leverage data to personalise their experiences. Some of the ways in which this can be done include: personalised relevant marketing messages by automating your emails to read their names, use information you know about a customer to create a customised onsite experience and capture and leverage social networks by instituting social logins.

  1.      Experiential Marketing

As a hotel you sell an experience. Regardless of the reason why your client is travelling, be it business or leisure, the goal is to make the experience memorable in a positive way. Everything from the booking process, travelling, checking in and checking out are all a part of the experience and it is your job to delight your guests throughout their entire stay.

The travel and hospitality industry is growing and brands that keep up with current marketing trends will have a competitive advantage over those that settle for old fashioned marketing and advertising. Remember, as you look to attract more business, it’s vital to adjust your marketing strategies to meet consumer expectations.

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