How to Earn Credibility as an Online Business

How to Earn Credibility as an Online Business

On 21 September 2018

Credibility is one of the key qualities that an online business should possess. It needs you to be intentional in order to achieve it and to create a safe environment for your shoppers.

Online shopping is a great way to save on time and in some instances costs. However for a customer to shop online, they need  to believe that they will receive value for their money. As an entrepreneur it is your obligation to ensure that you provide a comfortable environment to encourage more people to shop with you online. We have prepared some tips for you that will ensure that you earn credibility as an online service provider.

  1.      Be consistent

It is important to keep updating your content or engaging your clients online. The more that people see you, the more they recognise you. Keep updating your products on your pages so as to keep the conversation going.

  1.      Establish Authority

You need to know your content and people need to recognise that. Ensure that you give credit to your sources to avoid displaying another person’s work as your own. Whenever people think of a certain product, your name should pop up then that will mean that you have commanded authority in the market. An example of an international business that has managed to do that is Amazon. Any time one thinks of shopping online from an international perspective, they are top of mind.

  1.      Build relationships

In order to succeed in business you need to form relationships with your client base. This is because in business you are always dealing with human beings who are very relational. One way to do this is to encourage feedback about your products or service and to always ensure that you comment on such interactions. Engaging your customers on social media is a great way to build relationships and to make them feel important. Safaricom is a company that has done this and has made themselves a relatable brand both online and on the ground.

  1.      The customer comes first

One of the common phrases amongst entrepreneurs is “the customer is always right”. The moment you realise this then all your attention will be focused on giving your customers the best experience when it comes to shopping online at your store. For example in case a customer complains that you delivered a poor quality product, you should never take the defensive approach first until you understand where the customer is coming from.

  1.      Always deliver

Many online businesses build their client base through referrals. For you to get a referral you need to do your job and to do it excellently. People will gain more confidence with your online store if you always deliver the products exactly as you show them. That way they will keep coming back for more. At the end of the day, the goal is to retain your repeat customers as you get more.

The Englishmen once said that you are as good as your last show; this therefore means that in order to remain relevant in the market place you need to keep getting better and better.

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