How To Turn Your Social Media Account Into Business

How To Turn Your Social Media Account Into Business

On 14 June 2019

As a business it is important to diversify in terms of how you provide the products or services to your clients.

The secret to creation of wealth is having more than one stream of earning revenue. Social media is one of the ways in which a business can gain access to more potential clients, it gets even better if as a business you can turn your social media accounts into business. Today we write about ways in which you can achieve this.

Drive your social media following back to your website

Every time you post content on social media provide a call to action for your followers. As a business account you need to be direct about what you want your followers to do after they consume the content that you display. One way to do this is to drive them to your website, such that while they are there they can get more details about your business and what you do. Before this, ensure that your website is appealing and captivating in terms of the display and the content present.

Use Social Media To Build Trust

Social media is a less formal way of interacting with your consumers. As an organization, your goal should be to make your social media be about providing your clients with value other than making money. When you make it too obvious that you are out to make money, people easily get repulsed. Your website and email list is the place to make money because that is where people actually buy. Creating trust can be done through forming a good relationship with your clients such as responding to their queries on time, providing information about your products, having occasional giveaways etc. At the end of the day, people buy from people they trust so use social media to create that relationship with potential customers and clients.

Use Quality Images

Let us take Instagram for example, it is more about pictures and less words. As a business using quality images will give off an impression of standards and quality products to your followers. People will easily believe in your vision when they can see it clearly. Quality images are attractive to the eye hence they can easily draw people to your accounts then from there you can turn them into potential buyers.

Launch your product or service

The greatest mistake you can make as a business is to assume that all your followers know you and what you are all about. In some instances you might find out that some have no clue of what your business is about. It is important to launch your product or service which is the claim to fame for your business. You can start by distributing a press release, launch a content strategy, and push your promotions all across your social networks.This will enable you to attract a significant initial audience and if your influencers share or cover your announcement, you will stand to benefit more.

Get Published

Getting published will give you an opportunity to be a thought leader in your line of business. If you have a website set up, use inbound links to funnel referral traffic and gain authority in search engines within your industry. You could start with having articles you have written published by other known blogs that could draw traffic to your own website. This goes a long way in providing value for your clients as they have content they can refer to about your business.

Social media if used well can translate into more revenue for your business. It can also be used to create more brand awareness for you.

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