Pesapal Invoicing

Pesapal Invoicing

On 2 December 2013

Invoicing your clients is easy with Pesapal's Online Invoice feature. Send out your invoice and receive your payments directly to your bank account.

Here's how you can set up online invoicing from your Merchant Account. 

A Pesapal merchant can issue online invoices to clients and receive payments in their bank account, without any need for a website or technical knowledge.

  • Log in to your PesaPal Business account and under ‘MY ACCOUNT’ click on Invoices
  • Click ‘Invoice ‘on the side menu then click on ‘Create Invoice’. You can also view invoices that have been sent to you by other merchant/businesses.
  •  Enter invoice details as shown below – and click ‘Send’

Invoices can be sent in USD or KES, make sure the currency collected is the correct one. For most tourists, please pick the option to accept payments in the invoice currency. This will present the invoice with Visa, MasterCard and other international payments. For local tourist, you can allow any currency

Client will get an invoice via email from Pesapal with all the details needed to pay. They can then pick a payment method and Pay. 

When the client clicks on the link:

The merchant will get an email notification immediately.

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