SkinSol Beauty Clinic: When Beauty Meets Passion, Great Things Happen!

SkinSol Beauty Clinic: When Beauty Meets Passion, Great Things Happen!

On 24 February 2020

Business is better when passion, skill and expertise meet.

The story of many is like that of Domiana Mwangangi, entrepreneurship is never a bed of roses. Humble beginnings coupled with hard work always results in great success in the long run. The beauty industry in Kenya is quickly growing and we had the chance to have a conversation with her about her journey this far. Here is what she had to say:

Pesapal: Give us a simple introduction of yourself?

Domiana: My name is Domiana Mwangangi a skin consultant or specialist. Welcome to SkinSol skin solution beauty clinic and this is my story. 

Pesapal: Why did you choose to invest in beauty?

Domiana: Basically for me this is passion, I have always loved the beauty world and I knew deep down that one day I would pursue it. The purpose that I have within me has been the greatest driving force to get me to this place. 

Pesapal: How did you make your dream a reality?

Domiana: I started when I was young, after high school I went to beauty college to pursue beauty at a professional level. Immediately after my college I got a job and was employed for many years. I value this part of my life because that was where I got most of my experience from. 


Pesapal: Did you start with the skincare from the start of your business?

Domiana: When we were new in this industry we would specialise on nails and makeup. However over time I realized that there was a gap with my clients as most had no face care solution. It was at this point that I decided to invest in skincare solutions. I needed to do more training hence I would go to beauty colleges to learn more about skin therapy and skin treatments. 

Pesapal: Was the experience from the schools enough?

Domiana: After some years I went to work with a company from India called VLCC that really focused on beauty. They do skin treatments, slimming and they are more focused on products and skin care. This helped me to gain exposure as every year I would travel to Dubai for beauty exhibitions and got to learn more about this beauty industry. Around four years ago I plunged into the deep end and started my company.

Pesapal: How did your partnership with Pesapal start?

Domiana: When I first met Pesapal I was in the formative stages of my business. I remember when the sales representative came to set me up they met me in a very small room where he had to stand outside till I was done with my client because it would get crowded. I started using the Pesapal Sabi card machine which made it easier for me to collect my money in one place in my bank. At the end of the year my statements were really good and this helped me to secure credit from my bank to expand the business. 

Pesapal: Did it make a difference for your clients?

Domiana: My clients were excited because of the convenience and security as  they did not have to carry cash around. This far, it has been a good journey with Pesapal as my payments service provider. 

Pesapal: How can people reach you?

Domiana: We are located at Westlands Jimkan House first floor, Woodvale groove right opposite Fortis Tower. 

Pesapal: Final words of wisdom?

Domiana: Rome was not built in one day, passionately work towards your passion. Intentionally set goals and work really hard towards achieving them. 

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