Point of Sale Machine

Accept Card and Mobile payments in your store

Pesapal Sabi is a point of sale terminal that simplifies how you accept and manage Card payments within your business, as you deliver or as you move around.

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Solves Connectivity with both 3G + Wi-fi connectivity.

Accept Visa and MasterCard card and MPESA payments in both Kenya Shillings and US dollars in your shop.

Real-time Payment Notification

Provides Real-time reports.

No hidden fees, long terms fees or maintenance fees. You only pay when you transact with straightforward fees applied.

Branded Receipts

Offers the ability to Brand your receipts.

Our Point-of-Sale solution enables you to upload your Business logo onto the Terminal and this way, all receipts are printed with your brand visible increasing your brand value to your customers.

POS Intergration

Built to Integrate with any 3rd Party POS system

Pesapal Sabi is built to integrate to any 3rd Party POS or accounting system to support business accounting, reporting and reconciliation processes.

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Sabi POS

Sabi POS

Get started with the SABI POS and give customers receipts at point of paymen

Sabi midPOS

Sabi mPOS Package

All the benefits of Sabi mPOS bundled with a Samsung Android Phone

Sabi mPOS

Sabi mPOS

Get started with Sabi mPOS by pairing it with your Android Mobile Phone

Empowering over 8,000 merchants across East Africa

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