Accept online and in-store payments with Airtel Money on Pesapal

Accept online and in-store payments with Airtel Money on Pesapal

On 30 August 2023

In the fast-paced and interconnected digital era, the way customers make payments has undergone a significant transformation. With convenience and efficiency becoming increasingly important, consumers seek seamless methods to complete transactions, while businesses are constantly seeking ways to tap into the growing market.

Acknowledging this shift, we have taken a momentous step by partnering with Airtel Tanzania to introduce mobile money services on our POS and e-commerce platform. This collaboration promises to change the payment landscape in Tanzania, offering customers a frictionless and secure way to make payments while empowering businesses to capitalize on every sales opportunity without losing out on potential revenue. 

Having Airtel Money as a payment option on both the Sabi POS and your online store will allow Airtel subscribers to checkout and complete payments securely to your account with their mobile phones.  

Let us discuss the significance of this update to your business and clients.  

Simplifying payments for online shoppers and merchants 

As the e-commerce industry continues to flourish in Tanzania, the demand for secure and efficient payment methods has never been higher. With Airtel Money's integration into Pesapal's e-commerce, shoppers can now enjoy a smooth checkout process. Airtel Money allows customers to complete transactions using their mobile phones, making it a quick and secure payment option. 

Expanded customer base  

For businesses, this integration translates into increased sales and customer satisfaction. By offering Airtel Money as a payment method, merchants can tap into the vast user base of Airtel subscribers, making it easier for customers to make purchases with just a few taps on their phones. Moreover, with Airtel Money's reputation for reliability and security, shoppers gain more trust in the e-commerce platform, leading to higher conversion rates and repeat business for merchants. 

Empowering businesses on-the-go with the Pesapal Sabi POS 

The Pesapal Sabi POS liberates businesses from the confines of a physical storefront. Picture this, a thriving marketplace where business owners can roam freely, interacting with customers and completing transactions swiftly. Thanks to Pesapal Sabi POS, this dream has become a reality.  

For entrepreneurs running pop-up shops, food trucks, or door-to-door sales, Sabi POS is a game-changer. No longer tied down to a brick-and-mortar location, they can take their business directly to customers and accept payments effortlessly. Whether it's a craft fair, a music festival, or a busy street corner, Sabi POS ensures that every transaction is smooth and secure. 

Boosting financial inclusion and economic growth 

Airtel Money's integration into Pesapal's e-commerce and the convenience of Sabi POS aren't just about providing excellent services to consumers and businesses. They also play a vital role in boosting financial inclusion and driving economic growth across East Africa. 

In many parts of the region, access to traditional banking services is limited. However, mobile phones have become ubiquitous, and with Airtel Money's integration, even those without bank accounts can participate in the digital economy. This inclusion enables underserved populations to shop online, sell their products, and access a range of financial services, such as bill payments and money transfers. 

Fraud management 

By enabling businesses to accept digital payments, Sabi POS further contributes to the reduction of cash transactions, which, in turn, improves transparency and reduces the risk of theft or fraud. As businesses grow, they may hire more employees, invest in infrastructure, and stimulate economic activity, benefiting communities and driving progress. 

The partnership between Airtel Money and Pesapal's e-commerce, along with the versatility of Pesapal Sabi POS, paints a promising future for Tanzania and the East African e-commerce landscape. From simplifying payment processes and empowering businesses on-the-go to fostering financial inclusion and driving economic growth, these two solutions work together to create a more vibrant and connected digital ecosystem. 


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