Introducing M-PESA Express On Pesapal Sabi

Introducing M-PESA Express On Pesapal Sabi

On 5 August 2019

Pesapal Sabi users can now accept M-Pesa Payments directly on their app.

This new feature called M-Pesa Express is meant to simplify how your customers pay using mobile money and enables you to better reconcile your payments at the end of the day.

M-Pesa joins card payment options Visa and MasterCard as well as Visa on Mobile, the scan-to-pay option introduced earlier this year.

Existing users are able to access the new payment option immediately with the same fees applied per transaction.

For consumers, this new M-Pesa option means they no longer have to key-in the Pay Bill/Account Numbers or Till Numbers at the point of purchase. Once the cashier initiates the transaction on Sabi, all they will be required to do its key in their PIN and their M-Pesa will be debited.



Here’s how to use M-Pesa Express on Sabi


  1. Input the amount you would like the client to pay
  2. Select ‘M-Pesa Express’ as the payment option
  3. Input the customer’s M-Pesa Number
  4. A notification will appear on the customer’s phone asking them to input their PIN and confirm the payment
  5. The payment will be completed on your app and you can then send an SMS or Email receipt.


Should the transaction fail to complete within 30 seconds, Click on ‘TAP HERE IF PIN ENTRY FAILS’ and your customer can use a Pay Bill number to complete the transaction.


M-Pesa on Sabi is simple to use and efficient to use. Should you have questions or problems along the way, please let us know here or call us on +254 (0)709 219 000. 



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