Introducing Pesapal Tips - The Revolution in Cashless Tipping!

Introducing Pesapal Tips - The Revolution in Cashless Tipping!

On 16 January 2024

Elevate the Service Experience with Pesapal Tips - Say goodbye to cash frustration, and reward exceptional service effortlessly!    Nowadays, many businesses are using contactless payment methods. Using cash to tip workers has caused problems for both customers and service providers. Customers sometimes don't have cash to show their appreciation, and workers miss out on extra money.

Introducing Pesapal Tips. Pesapal Tips is a new way to tip, using the Sabi POS machine. Customers can easily reward great service without using cash. This helps workers get their tips quickly and safely. 

How it Works 

The Tips feature on the Pesapal POS is intended to benefit cashiers, waiters, and any other service personnel that customers encounter in the service industry. The process of leaving a tip on Pesapal Sabi POS begins when a customer expresses interest in leaving a tip as appreciation for good service. The waiter can then offer Pesapal Tips as a cashless tipping option. With the customer’s consent, they proceed to enter the client’s bill into the Pesapal Sabi PDQ. By tapping the ‘TIPS’ option at the top right corner of the POS machine display, the waiter adds the tip amount and their phone number to the transaction. 

Once this information is captured, the customer is prompted to authorize the transaction via an STK Push for mobile money payments or via 3 factor authentication for card payments. This verification enhances security and guarantees that the correct tip amount and bill is charged. To authenticate the transaction, the customer is required to enter their personal identification number (PIN) associated with their card or mobile money account. 

Upon successful authentication, the Pesapal Sabi PDQ generates three receipts: a merchant, customer and cashier copy. These receipts display the bill charged, the total amount charged and the tip amount respectively. They serve as tangible evidence of the transaction. This enhances transparency and provides both the waiter and the customer with a record of the tip given. 

The Pesapal Tips feature can be enabled or disabled, allowing businesses to tailor their tipping options based on their specific preferences. Merchants have the flexibility to customize their tipping settings through the merchant dashboard. One such customizable option is setting a desired tip rate as a percentage of the total sale amount. This allows a business owner to define the percentage of the sale amount that is considered appropriate for tipping. By capping tips at a given rate, a business can ensure that the tipping remains within their desired parameters. 

Pesapal Tips - Where gratitude meets innovation! 

Our Pesapal Tips feature ensures that the token of gratitude you or your customer shares reaches its intended recipient. As part of the process, the tips collected by waiters and cashiers using the Pesapal Sabi POS are accumulated and disbursed via M-PESA or Openfloat to the phone numbers indicated on each transaction. Ultimately, hardworking service staff receive their well-deserved tips in a timely manner, enhancing their motivation and job satisfaction. 

Pesapal Tips paves the way for a new era of gratitude. It empowers customers to acknowledge exceptional service, ensuring that the people who make your dining experiences extraordinary are duly rewarded. With this feature, customers can express their appreciation even when cash is not readily available. 


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