Organizing an Event? Take the Headache out of Ticket Sales

Organizing an Event? Take the Headache out of Ticket Sales

On 2 February 2018

Putting together an event is not a walk in the park. How to do you execute one while protecting your profits and your brand in the long term?

Events are intensive. There is a venue to find, speakers and performers to woo and sound, lighting and seating to consider. It can all be overwhelming, especially considering that at end of it all, you’ll need to convince people to attend your show or event. Finding an easy way to distribute your tickets is one way to ensure you get your seats filled. This can be done by having them available on a easy-to-access platform with multiple purchase options, and this is what Ticketsasa offers.

As a brand under Pesapal, Ticketsasa provides event organisers and promoters the ability to sell their tickets online. People can then buy tickets using mobile money or Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit or credit cards. Organisers and promoters can then collect all their money after the event. The money is settled via bank transfer to a preferred bank account.

Why Ticketsasa? It’s a one stop shop. Not only does it give you a nationwide sales platform, you also give your clients the freedom to pay for their tickets conveniently. You also get additional marketing support as Ticketsasa advertises your event via a multitude of channels. Ticketsasa offers you the flexibility to tier your tickets, from early bird to advance tickets, or adult and child tickets. If your event sells more than 100 tickets, you get complimentary event verification. This means Ticketsasa agents will be at the gate on the day of the events to verify tickets bought online, sell any at-the-gate tickets, tag event goers and reconcile all ticket sales. 

Available in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Ticketsasa is East Africa’s best bet for event organisers. Get in touch with us today on:


Email- [email protected]

Phone - +254 (0)709 219 000.

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