Pesapal Announces the Biggest Upgrade to Openfloat, introducing a Mobile App and a Revamped Website

Pesapal Announces the Biggest Upgrade to Openfloat, introducing a Mobile App and a Revamped Website

On 28 August 2023

Nairobi… Pesapal, a leader in building payments and business tools for Africa, has updated its innovative expense management platform - Openfloat. The update includes the launch of a new Openfloat Mobile App for Android devices and a revamped website to simplify expense tracking and management across multiple accounts, channels, recipients, and currencies.


The app will also provide merchants with a user-friendly interface, allowing them to manage multiple payment streams and track day-to-day spend all on one platform. Additionally, the Openfloat website has been revamped to provide businesses with a seamless online experience, making it easier to access and utilize the platform's features.  

The updates introduce a range of powerful features to simplify payment processes and enhance overall payment management capabilities for our merchants, Pesapal CEO Agosta Liko said.  

"From small start-ups to multinational enterprises, our solution scales to fit every need, bringing a new era of financial management. It will now be much easier for merchants with multiple branches, franchises, or various business entities to manage multiple accounts from a single platform," Mr. Agosta said.  

The new Openfloat App and revamped website offer several new features, including: 

  • Optimized approval process: The process has been simplified, making it easier for businesses to manage expenses. 
  • Multi-accounts with account switching capabilities: Businesses can now create multiple accounts and switch between them easily. This is ideal for businesses with multiple branches or franchises. 
  • Roles with various permissions: Businesses can now assign different roles to users, giving them different system access levels. 
  • Multiple approvers: Merchants can now set up multiple approvers for each expense, ensuring that all payments are authorized before they are processed. 
  • Send reminders to approvers: Businesses can now send reminders to approvers if an expense is pending approval. 
  • General ledgers: Businesses can now create general ledgers to track their expenses by category. This makes tracking spending easier and identifying areas where costs can be reduced. 
  • Simplified reports: The new reports are easier to understand and provide more insights into spending patterns. 

 In addition to simplifying the payment process, merchants now have the option to save accounts they frequently make payments to under 'saved accounts,' allowing them to create groups comprising these saved accounts. They can then conveniently send payments to these groups and customize amounts for individual accounts or all at once. Additionally, this entire payment can be assigned to a specific payment category, which proves beneficial for reporting and payment management purposes. 

Openfloat is a business solution that digitizes petty cash, payroll, and corporate bill payments. The solution enables businesses, especially Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large organizations, to disburse funds, pay bills, and buy airtime in bulk — all in one place. In addition, they can now disburse payments via pay bills, tills, mobile numbers, and bank transfers, all from the same account. 

Merchants using Openfloat enjoy various benefits, which include payouts to bank accounts and mobile money. One can view transaction reports and track their cash flow in real-time. 



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