SABI POS: Understanding all the Useful Features

SABI POS: Understanding all the Useful Features

On 3 December 2020

The Pesapal Sabi POS extends your online presence into the physical world. Built with modern retailers and platforms in mind, your customers can tap, insert and swipe!

Here are key features that make Pesapal Sabi stand out from other POS terminal solutions available in Eastern Africa: 

  • NFC enabled - All our POS terminals allow for clients to tap and pay. Not all terminals provided in the market provide the contactless feature. 
  • Triple Network Connectivity - The terminal can process payments with two sim cards and WIFI network. It picks the strongest network when running transactions. This ensures reliability of services around the clock.
  • User based access - End users can login with different access to charge cards. 
  • Superior reconciliation & reporting - In-store payments on the PDQ machine post on a web console. Merchants can easily access transactions, pull reports and reconcile easily. 
  • Integration - Our team can assist to integrate the POS with existing internal software to ensure seamless payments. Manage all your online and offline sales in one place.
  • Transaction reference - The POS allows for reference for all transactions if required 
  • Superior support - There is a link on the menu that sends a support request to the Pesapal team if support is required.
  • Customized receipts - Receipts can be customized to include the merchants logo
  • Digital receipts - One can send email or SMS receipts when the physical roll is over
  • Centralized management - Manage your entire collection of Pesapal Sabi POS machines right from the merchant dashboard, where you can register hardware to a location and monitor device status. 

Given the many challenges businesses face such as fraudulent transactions and embezzlement, Pesapal is constantly working to develop products and services that allow business owners to thrive.

Pesapal Sabi POS is an affordable, EMV-compliant chip card reader that makes accepting card payments easier and more secure.


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