The Swahili Chic Themed Café- Woodberry Café

The Swahili Chic Themed Café- Woodberry Café

On 1 September 2022

Payment preferences are shifting toward digital transactions, driven by the desire to make operations more efficient, faster, remote, and secure for all. This led to Woodberry Café in Dar es Salaam - Tanzania taking up Pesapal's online payment solutions.

Woodberry Café is an incorporation of Swahili chic culture which gives a unique experience to dinners in Dar es Salaam. The success story of the Café is so unique as it was started right in the middle of the Covid pandemic.

Embracing digital payments was key in Woodberry's strategy and Pesapal provided them with payment options that made it easier for their clients to pay, and at the same time offered convenience to the business.

Woodberry Café uses integrated POS, a business solution for restaurants by Pesapal. The integration means that transactions posted on the POS system are automatically posted to the card reader - Pesapal Sabi. This integration has made accounting a lot easier for Woodberry's team, provided them with better insights, and eliminated manual errors thus making the team efficient. 

In a sit down with the Woodberry Café team, they explain how Pesapal payment solutions have helped them get paid easily and in return to serve their clients better. Find out more below.

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