5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Point Of Sale

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Point Of Sale

On 13 October 2021

A point of sale system (POS) can be described as the place where clients pay for products or services at your business.

Businesses have moved from ancient systems such as handwritten receipts of operations at the point of sale to using mobile money and card payments. By 2025, Business Insider predicts that 75% of all transactions will be cashless. Why? Payments are typically quicker and more efficient. Below are ways in which retail payments are changing and why you need to upgrade your point of sale solutions.

Most merchants nowadays use either a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to manage their business operations. As a result, an efficient point of sale solution should have the ability to integrate seamlessly with these devices.  

Pesapal has a point of sale terminal known as the “Pesapal Sabi PDQ”. The Sabi PDQ has been a game-changer in the retail industry by simplifying how businesses accept and manage card payments. The Pesapal Sabi terminal can be easily integrated with the existing point of sale software

1. Centralized Retail Systems

Retail managers should incorporate Cloud apps that enable them to seamlessly record their sales inventory and clients across numerous stores and stations. Clients progressively use numerous networks to shop, and POS systems offer features that assimilate online, offline, and social shopping solutions. To a retail manager, managing a single product catalog means eliminating the problem of double entry into various platforms, thus perfect inventory syncing which saves many hours of cutting, pasting, and stock updating in stores. Duka manager by Pesapal is a perfect tool that enables you to manage your business, sales, payments, inventory, suppliers and customers from one secure app. 

2. Portable Point Of Sale Terminals

A portable point of sale terminal enables you to take payments on the go without breaking a sweat. Taking payments throughout your establishment is no longer a cumbersome process for your cashier and they can easily walk around with it.

3. Encourage Impulse Purchases

The main reason why most people stay in business is to increase their customer base and make more sales. By accepting cash only at your business you might struggle to generate more sales as customers are restricted from buying depending on the amount of money in their wallet. However, accepting card payments promotes impulse shopping as customers are not worried about adding up their purchases for lack of enough funds.

4. Interrelation Of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) And Point of Sale (POS)

The interrelation between CRM and POS motivates business owners to increase their sales, by providing basic data on each customer’s shopping habits. This will help you to have effective targeted marketing like sending SMS/emails to defined customer segments.

CRM is very central to business owners in small and big retail businesses like supermarkets for they outline clearly what to order from suppliers and what to reduce, not only to meet their customers’ tastes and demands but also to avoid shrinkage and losses when it comes to stock taking at the end of the financial year.

5. Progressive Reporting

Pesapal has a superior merchant dashboard that enables business owners to view all business transactions in real-time. As soon as a payment is made using the Sabi terminal, the transaction details will automatically appear on your dashboard. This enables you to track all your sales activities from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.

Upgrade Your Point Of Sale

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