How To Simplify Stock-Taking In Your Business

How To Simplify Stock-Taking In Your Business

On 3 November 2021

Duka Manager is a one-stop digital solution by Pesapal that enables businesses to manage their store sales, inventory, and payments.

Meet Duka Manager

For a long time, stock-taking has been a tedious and dilly-dally process as most business owners had to do it physically. Physical stock-taking at times can be inaccurate leading to stockouts, overstock, and unsold products. However, Pesapal developed the Duka Manager, an easy-to-use tool; that allows retailers to keep a record of all their business activities from one secure app.

Why Choose Duka Manager?

1. Stock Management

Taking stock can be a long and time-consuming process that many retailers shy away from. With this tool, you can track all of your supplies and manage what goes in and out of your business. The app helps you plan when your stock needs to be reordered so you can have ample time to notify your suppliers. As a result, it will help you beat any shortages that you would have otherwise experienced.

2. Monitor Sales Activities

The tool enables you to track all your sales activities in real-time. This will help you to understand what goods and services are popular with your customers, how your marketing and advertising efforts are impacting your sales, and exactly how much revenue your business is generating over a certain period. In the end, your business will be able to cater to the needs of your consumers in the best way by providing the goods that they are looking for.

3. Customer Profiles

The app allows you to profile your customers according to their buying behaviors. It gives you an opportunity to identify your loyal customers, understand how and where they spend their money, understand their motivations and tailor your offerings to meet their needs. It is important to have this information as it will help you to develop reward schemes that will continue to grow the brand loyalty among your customers and to bring in new ones.

4. Optimization

Technology makes life easier by simplifying processes. Duka Manager will help you save time enabling you to focus on other things that can help your business advance. It is simple, such that anyone with minimal knowledge about mobile phones will be able to use it. In your absence, your staff are able to help you take stock.

5. Get Paid The Easy Way

Accept mobile money or card payments within your shop with a multitude of payment options available to your customer. All your funds are deposited to your bank account and you are able to withdraw the funds the next day.

How To Get Started?

Download the app from the Google play store:
Register: install the App on your phone and register to get your business
Input stock: input the initial stock for the products you have within your shop
Get Started: Start selling and track your stock day to day


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