5 Reasons You Should Use Online Payment Requests In Your Hotel

5 Reasons You Should Use Online Payment Requests In Your Hotel

On 7 October 2019

Why go through the hassle of paper invoices when you can do everything online?

Technology exists to make life easier and processes simpler. It has facilitated the development of online invoices which makes the customer payments journey in business more efficient. Pesapal created an online invoice payments request tool with which you can send personalized e-invoices and get paid in minutes. The digital benefit helps you forget the cumbersome paper invoices, making it more convenient for your customers to pay. Internet makes it easy for guests to book hotel accommodation and to pay right after receiving their online invoice. 

Today we show you 5 ways in which  an online payments request can transform your business. 

1. Improves Efficiency

Automated online invoicing ensures that there are minimal to no errors when it comes to the figures. The faster you send out your invoices, the sooner you are likely to be paid. You are able to either schedule invoices such that they are automatically sent during specified periods or direct invoicing where you don't have to wait for your accountant or bookkeeper to do the sending which means that you can reduce the overheads. 

2. Better Invoice Tracking

Traditionally, you would only be able to follow up on a payment  after the due date indicated. However with e-invoices comes automatic tracking. Now you can view payment status as you can see the ones that have been paid or due. You can add polite notes and reminders for each client from the Pesapal invoicing  tool. With this tool you can run reports to get a better insight and create a better audit trail. As a result no bill can never go unnoticed no matter how small it is. 

3. Get Paid Faster

Online invoicing helps you to save time when sending and receiving payments. You can enjoy same day delivery, no more worrying whether your invoice arrived, use of online payment service providers such as Pesapal and better security as e-invoicing software is secure and safe to use. Clients can trust it hence they are likely to respond faster.

4. Save Time & Money 

Sending invoices electronically will save you time compared to the traditional methods. Send the invoices at particular set times which makes accounts reconciliation and cash flow management easier. Forget about the cumbersome paperwork invoices and make it convenient for your customers to pay. 

5. Invoice From Anywhere

Create, send invoices, get paid anywhere and at any time. With Pesapal, your hotel can accept payments from any part of the world and in multiple currencies. This gives you access to a wider market share and you can get paid at your own terms, which is a win for you and your guests. 

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