Best Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Best Online Ordering System for Restaurants

On 11 May 2021

Having the best online ordering system is a key factor to ensure small restaurants increase their sales from online orders.

Small restaurants with limited manpower, at times, are overwhelmed by the daily activities they engage in. For instance, you will find one employee handles multiple roles that they are not specialists

In this article, we have analyzed ordering systems that will help small restaurants receive online orders with ease. They include

  • Reserveport for Restaurants 

Reserveport is a solution developed by Pesapal that achieved Oracle Hospitality validation. This integration allows restaurants to have a brand website and receive orders directly from customers. Reserveport saves a lot of time as the process of placing an order to the delivery point is smooth and efficient. 

When a client places an order, a notification is sent to the chef in the kitchen, to the cashier at the counter, and the delivery guy. This ensures that the restaurant can track the order and the customer is served on time. 

Reserveport drives sales all day long without the fear of being overwhelmed as all orders are integrated in the Point of Sale. Therefore, reduces the risk of fraud as all payments are posted in real-time.


  • Menu Drive

MenuDrive offers a simple restaurant online ordering system that comes with marketing tools such as email marketing and loyalty rewards. Once integrated with restaurants' websites or mobile apps, they can receive orders on their dashboard. Furthermore, restaurants can customize their POS and online ordering system conveniently for receiving payment.

  • Chownow

ChowNow is considered one of the best ordering systems. As it allows customers to order directly from their Facebook page, Mobile app (android & IOS), and website. ChowNow app processes the order and communicates back to the diner for pickup or delivery. The app also collects information from customers' orders and provides this information to the restaurants for remarketing.

  • Restolabs

Restolabs is considered simple and affordable for restaurants that are considering taking their business online. It allows restaurant owners to create online menus and receive orders on their websites. Restolabs also allows customers to place orders from Facebook and it can take commands from different languages. Furthermore, restaurants can access real-time reports on the dashboard. 

  • Gloria Food

Developed by Gloria Food it allows customers to place orders from websites, Facebook pages and mobile apps. When an order is placed the restaurant receives a notification on their mobile device and the restaurant has 3 minutes to confirm the order.


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