Celebrating Motherhood Differently

Celebrating Motherhood Differently

On 5 May 2021

Motherhood can be described as a rollercoaster experience, from spending sleepless nights with the beautiful baby to the joy of having your own identity.

There is no better way to express how motherhood looks like.

A study by the State of Motherhood indicates that a huge percentage of women feel unsupported and they have been left on their own by society. The study further revealed that 97% of Millennial mothers feel burned out by motherhood and the situation has been worsened by COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, the need to support mothers who are coming out strongly to claim their space in the business sector and at their working stations.

To celebrate this year's edition of Mother’s Day. Pesapal has partnered with My Happy Vee, a Nairobi based spa and online shop that offers a range of natural plant based feminine care products and services that helps in the prevention and treatment of gynecological related issues.

The campaign dubbed #MyCentreOfHappyness is set to celebrate all the motherly figures in our lives from our homes to our workplaces. My Center of Happyness is set to sensitize women on the need to boost their feminine health and confidence through self-care and holistic healing. This is a bold step to address women's sexual health which most people shy away from speaking about it in our society.


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There are so many women owned businesses that are being established every day. To support such businesses, Pesapal offers a top-notch payment solution that can be used without initial capital investment and the need for technical developers.

Pesapal takes pride in offering the best payment solutions in East Africa across the different sectors. Our partnership with My Happy Vee is geared towards acknowledging and appreciating the role of women in socio-economic growth in our region.

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