How Pesapal is Making Online Shopping More Convenient for African Consumers

How Pesapal is Making Online Shopping More Convenient for African Consumers

On 20 March 2023

Pesapal is a leading payment services company that builds payments and business tools for Africa. We empower African businesses and entrepreneurs to collect money online and in-person via mobiles and cards.

With the increase in internet penetration and mobile phone usage, Pesapal has made it easier for consumers to shop online by providing a safe, secure, and convenient way to make payments. 

 Here are ways in which Pesapal is making online shopping more convenient for African consumers: 

Mobile Payments: Pesapal's mobile payment solution enables consumers to pay for goods and services using their mobile phones. This means that consumers no longer have to carry cash or visit an ATM to make payments. 

Multiple Payment Options: Pesapal supports multiple payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and mobile money platforms like M-Pesa, Airtel Money, and Tigo Pesa. This makes it easy for consumers to choose their preferred payment option. 

Secure Transactions: Pesapal observes industry level standards when it comes to security. We use encrypted security technology on both the buyer and seller's ends to ensure a secure transaction. As part of our internal measures to ensure tight security within our systems, we upgraded our Application Programming Interface (API) to Pesapal 3.0, allowing for the delivery of enhanced security features. 

Convenient Checkout: Pesapal's checkout process is simple and easy to use. Consumers can complete their transactions in just a few clicks, without having to navigate through complicated checkout pages. 

24/7 Customer Support: Pesapal provides round-the-clock customer support to ensure that consumers can get help whenever they need it. This includes phone, social media and email support making it easy for consumers to get the help they need quickly. 


Online Merchants Testimonials

Mama Rocks 

Mama Rocks is known as a premium burger restaurant across Nairobi. The restaurant came about as a celebration of Mama Africa as well as the diversity of ingredients and the versatility of food across cultures. Mama Rocks went online with Pesapal during the Covid pandemic.  We helped set up their website which double their online orders on day two of them using the website Learn how Pesapal has made online shopping easy for Mama Rocks business.  


Shamba Lodge - Private Chalet Cabin  

Shamba Lodge in Arusha features a private chalet style cabin, this exquisite property also gives guests an option of camping out in own tents. Shamba Lodge also arranges safari and tours in and around Arusha which saw the need for the property to have a convenient way for guests to pay for the services in advance. The property which is set on the top of a sloping hill with stunning valley views and spectacular sunsets also attracts a lot of guests from all over the world and Pesapal's online payment solutions especially e-invoice has been convenient for Shamba Lodge. Learn more    



Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort  

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort in Mombasa is one of the flagship properties by Sarova Hotels. By connecting Pesapal's booking engine to the hotel's Oracle PMS, they're able to streamline their online bookings, contactless checkouts via email and integrated payments where bills are automatically cleared. They are also able to give excellent guest service as guests pay in advance. This allows for their details to be captured in advance, making checking out seamless and fast.  


Rocket Health

Rocket Health is a leading healthcare provider in Uganda who are in telemedicine service meaning all their services are offered online. They offer online consultations, medicine delivery and mobile app services. So, how best could they complement their services if not with Pesapal online payment solutions? Learn More   



Elite Digital  

Elite Digital Solutions is the only licensed Apple Premium Reseller in East Africa. With Pesapal in-store and online payment solutions, Elite Digital is able to synchronize their sales across the fifteen stores in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. 


My Happy Vee 

My Happy Vagina is a unique spa and online shop that aims at creating a wellness centre for women. Pesapal has made it easy for consumers to purchase their products online and enjoy a wholesome shopping experience. The business previously faced challenges when serving clients who shopped online. They would have to text their till number to clients for payments, which was hectic at the time. With Pesapal, they are now able to conveniently serve their online clients. Learn more 

 Pesapal has made online shopping more convenient for African consumers by providing a secure, flexible, and easy-to-use payment platform that supports multiple payment options and provides 24/7 customer support. This has helped to boost online shopping in Africa, making it easier for consumers to access a wide range of goods and services from the comfort of their homes. 

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