How Reserveport is Reshaping the Hotel Industry

How Reserveport is Reshaping the Hotel Industry

On 6 July 2021

With the effect brought along by Covid 19, hotels across the world are reshaping their business models. Limited in-person interaction has changed how customers relate to different products and services in the hotel industry.

Customer journey is one of the key elements hoteliers have had to rethink to remain competitive in this new digital world. The face of the industry has changed and hotels should be ready for it or risk being left behind.

Reserveport's cutting-edge technology brings a fresh perspective to hotel booking platforms. By providing an operational backbone, it connects advanced hospitality operations functionalities, such as pay at reception, with customer-centric features like personalized greetings and instant confirmation.   

From operations to guest experience to marketing of your facilities, here is how Reserveport will aid your Hotel.

Effective Inventory Management

Reserveport uses an innovative web-based solution that allows both parties to communicate through a single Customer Journey channel. The hotel booking platform displays a list of available rooms upon booking, or allows the guest to search for specific dates and rooms. This offers complete transparency during every stage of the customer journey. With most of your clients making online bookings for their stay, you get the ability to consolidate all the booking online options via the Channel manager done to your hotel. 

Fundamental features such as Customer Journey Management and Customer Care Management are found in Pesapal's hotel booking platform. 

Guaranteed Online Bookings

This allows customers who have booked their stay online to swiftly proceed to reception to check-in. In the case that the guest chooses 'pay at reception' upon booking, they will then go through an optional profile registration process.  Pesapal's intuitive booking engine allows for personalization options such as emailing a digital key to themselves ahead of arrival.   

Minimize Manual Tasks

The stay at your hotel is concluded, and it is time for your guest to checkout. Gone are the days of looking for receipts of each and every experience they have utilized at your premises. Reserveport offers a simpler way of dealing with payments altogether. With Reserveport, guests will be able to do away with time-consuming administrative tasks and enjoy their vacation stress-free. 

Assuming the client had an extra session at the Spa or decided to have a random boat ride, all this can be collected under their account and paid for at checkout. Pay at Reception removes the extra steps that define current online reservations systems. It makes for an easy checkout as the client doesn't need to worry about finding their individual receipts. Reserveport does a good job of consolidating the required payments.

As mentioned above, with Pesapal's Customer Journey Management fully integrated into Reserveport, hotels can enhance their customer experience by introducing personal greetings and messages based on customers' preferences. For example, guests may choose from several welcome messages: "Hello Mr Jones'', or "Welcome to The Crowne Plaza". Similarly, they can choose whether they want to see special offers in a separate tab on their homepage when they log in through our Customer Journey management portal, which is seamlessly linked to the core reservation engine. 

We not only offer you a payment service but also include features that will make booking and managing reservations more efficient. As a merchant, Reserveport allows you to utilize the Pesapal Sabi PDQ and the client can either make a mobile money payment or simply tap or swipe their card conveniently.


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