How to Drive More Sales Using Your Website

How to Drive More Sales Using Your Website

On 10 December 2018

As an entrepreneur, the thing that is at the top of your mind each time you think about your business is always how you can drive more sales.

Your website is one avenue you can explore to help you improve your sales by generating leads. This is done not simply having an updated website but by also making sure it is optimized to collect leads.  Here a simple checklist to help you see if you are making the most of yours.

1. Always Include A Call To Action

Having good content on your website is important, however you are not guaranteed that your content alone will yield the kind of results you are looking for. It is important to always drive your potential customers to the direction that you want them to go. In case you are an online shop, have a ‘Buy Now’ button at the top right corner of your website as most people tend to look that direction first anytime they come across a site. For better results the button should be a different colour from any other button so that it can stand out. You should always have in mind that people don’t read through websites they scan them.

2. Have A Clear Message

People want to get as much information as they can get in the shortest time possible. It is very easy to lose your audience if your message is jumbled up and confusing. You need to find a way to state your offer right above the fold. The term above the fold comes from the newspaper industry and it refers to the stories printed above where the newspaper folds in half.  In any website, the images and text above the fold are the things you see and read before you start scrolling down. You should make sure you sell your products at that point.

3. Invest In Good Images

Images are the perfect way to make your website relatable. The images we use on our website always communicate something. Be sure to choose those that communicate a sense of joy and accomplishment. This is because people are constantly looking for ways in which they can achieve more happiness in their lives. You can use images of people who have used your product and were happy with the results they received in the end. Ensure that your images show your customers how they can experience a better life with the use of your products. Serena Group has really mastered the art of using images and videos to capture and win the hearts of their customers.

4. Build Trust With Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way building trust. People love familiarity as one is able to easily relate. When people see other people who have used your products and are impressed, it will go a long way when it comes to earning their trust. At the end of the day in order to build your own clientele you need to focus on building your customer brand loyalty and trust.

5. Install Live Chat

Live chat is an excellent way to drive eCommerce sales, but it can also be used to address any questions visitors to your site may have. Due to the fact that people want immediate responses, the live chat function is more are more likely to be used than a contacts page form. To reap even more benefits, you can use the live chat tool to gather email addresses.

If you are looking for a way to make your website more appealing the Pesapal Web development team will be glad to be a part of your story. You can contact them on

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