How To Effectively Respond To Your Customers Email

How To Effectively Respond To Your Customers Email

On 15 November 2019

Businesses should learn to maintain the relationships they have worked so hard to acquire by communicating through emails.

Responding to customers emails is essential in promoting customer loyalty and for cultivating future engagement with your business. Professionally addressing the subject  in each customer enquiry, is key to maintaining this relationship, but ignorance of responding to an email results in loss of credible clients and future prospective business deals worth millions. Today we discuss 6 ways to respond to customers emails promptly and professionally.

1. Respond Swiftly

The more that you postpone responding to a customer's query the more that they get impatient, therefore there is a high possibility that they will take their complaint to a higher level. Once a client takes his/her complaint to social media platforms, other clients who were previously in the same position team up with them which could damage your company's reputation.

2. Learn To Apologize

Apologizing should be key, incase of any negative email experience a client may face. A complaint  from a client should be taken positively and seriously, as it clearly shows that the client had a bad experience  in your company .This is usually the company’s responsibility to apologize and sort out mistakes. Customers have a right to complain if they are not satisfied with your services but speedy action to resolve their complaints will increase your company’s reviews in the public eye.

3. Take Responsibility When At Fault

Taking responsibility for your company’s mistakes is honorary and at the same time builds credibility  for your company , trying to prove a point to a client does not make sense, but retaining a positive relationship with your clients does,this is beneficial in the long term because once the client is satisfied he/she will give positive feedback about you and you will get more referrals.

4. Write A Thank You Email

Appreciation towards your  customers is a strategy that will boost sales in your company to a whole different level. As a Business owner, you  need to realize that without your customers there is no business. It is important to send a thank you note to your clients to appreciate them for being loyal customers every so often, if they have been long term clients  you can send them emails with incentives on goods they buy from your company. 

5. Provide An Avenue For Feedback

Sending your customers questionnaire emails is a sure way to draw nearer to them and understanding  their line of thinking. The questions can include asking them if they are satisfied with your services, what they would need to be added to the services you offer them and asking them about their interests so as to know the things that they like.  A questionnaire email helps you to understand the personalized tastes and demands of your customers and put in place measures that fit into their different criteria.

6. Address Your Email Recipient Accurately

As a business owner how you address the customer sets the mood of the email. Sending the email dictates whether the email is serious or casual. Previous communication with the client allows you to address her as “ Hello Mary” since you have already formed a relationship with him/her but if it is for the first time be professional and address her as” Dear Ms Mary” the point here is to remain professional and polite at the same time.

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