7 Ways That You Can Win Back Your Lost Clients

7 Ways That You Can Win Back Your Lost Clients

On 22 November 2019

Business wise it is extremely cheaper to retain your clients,than to go out and find new ones, considering you have invested a great deal of time and money in winning their trust.

You should on a regular basis strive to make them happy and take into consideration their feedback to customize your business plans to suit their tastes and preferences. In some instances you cannot satisfy all clients and they tend to leave but that is out of your reach thus you should devise ways to win them back. Today we discuss five ways to vividly win back lost clients.

1.Request For A Meeting.

Immediately a client decides to leave your business,request for a brief forum with him/her and  allow him to cross examine you as the business owner on what expectations you did not meet. You should not influence the decision in your favor , but be considerate enough to own up to your mistakes and meet the client at the middle. There may be a golden chance  to win him back if you guarantee him that you will sort out his grievances immediately.

2.Put It  Down On Paper

As a business owner you need to have a well laid out plan on how you are going to regain your lost clients. You need to set a deadline and identify the measures to take in order to appropriately plan to meet with the client to sort out the problem.You need to intelligently device ways to meet up with your lost clients in order to draw them nearer to you and find a proper approach to convene and deal with the matters that may arise that way you will be aware of their next step.


You should be alert enough to investigate and figure out on what grounds the client decided to walk away from your services.Evaluate your business and yourself and figure out what your weaknesses and strengths are, therefore  swiftly solve them to avoid losing your existing clients. Understanding the weaknesses you could be having will enable you to avoid any such future occurrence.

4.Strategize Via Social Media 

You should strategize by choosing to aggressively, handle similar grievances to initiate contact with your lost clients.Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram help you to maximize positively on the feedback you receive from your clients and accurately compensate your clients to draw them back to your sites. Acknowledge your customers officially by sending them thank you coupons or better yet organised for a yearly event whereby you get to reward your clients and personally socialize with them. 

5. Research On Your Competitors Tactics

Examining your competitors tactics to win back lost clients helps you to launch counter attack plans on how to regain your lost clients. Research will make you to always be aware of your competitors environmental  tactics, thus you will be able to have a competitive edge in winning back clients due to a particular service that you offer, for example Safaricom is the domineering company that offers excellent service in the mobile money industry due to the Mpesa product. Giant companies like Airtel have not managed to outwit them due to their unique product and seamless operations.

6.Offer Excellent Customer Service

Worldwide the best way to offer excellent customer service, is by being able to control  the service you offer to your client. As a business owner make it a priority to train your staff about excellent customer service and the benefits it will bring to your business and also the staff in general. This will eliminate bad customer service, therefore focusing  their full attention to meeting their clients demands.

7. Segment Your Clients

The success of a business is not just coincidental but a strategized one,  principally win back clients that boost return on investment in your business as it's crucial to your  business. Segmenting clients that purchase volumes / make the most purchases from your business helps you not only to win back sales but to strengthen your brand in the process, this therefore is a win for both the business and the client. However you should consider each client important and treat them with equality.

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