Hustle Free and Quick Payments from Virtual Cards is Finally Here

Hustle Free and Quick Payments from Virtual Cards is Finally Here

On 5 November 2019

The Virtual Cards Payment system has been instrumental in solving of the fraud problem experienced in the hotel and hospitality industry.

The hotel and hospitality industry has grown because of technological advancements such as booking websites and engines but with every new development comes its challenges. Many hotels adapted to using booking websites to increase occupancy and incomes.  Online payments were disrupted by fraud which gave birth to the Virtual cards payment system. Many hotels have funds tied up because they do not have a direct way to receive payments made by virtual cards from and other online travel agencies.          

Worry no more Pesapal has got you covered because with you are able to process virtual card payments easily and directly to your account without all the wait and anxiety. Reserveport is an easy-to-use hotel booking system for all types of accommodation and hotel operations. Our objective is to offer a simple online solution, which enables hotel reservations online, and at the same time, simplifies daily administration.

Usually the procedure for getting paid by Expedia or other online travel agencies using virtual cards is:

  • Issue a receipt to the customer
  • Issue the invoice to Expedia
  • Go to ExpediaPay
  • Enter the invoice data and the reservation and wait about 30 days to submit the bank balance of reservations.
  • Thanks to Virtual Card, the booking is paid in full immediately upon departure of the customer resulting to savings in human resources. Expedia streamlines the invoicing process while it remains pegged to the’s strength i.e. direct payment in the hotel and subsequent issuance of an invoice for the amount of commissions.

With a few clicks in your account you can be able to accept virtual card payments from online travel agencies by activating receipts of virtual card payments in the payments section and just like that you jump the queue and get paid instantly.

To learn more about how your business can take advantage of or for a demonstration on how it works, please let us know and we shall be glad to advice at no cost.


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