Things to Consider When Purchasing a Credit Card (PDQ/POS) Machine

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Credit Card (PDQ/POS) Machine

On 9 November 2018

Accepting credit card payments in your business is a step in the right direction.

 Many customers are moving away from carrying cash around to card transactions. Choosing the right credit card machine may be confusing due to the many options available. Today we have prepared important things to consider when buying a credit card machine for your business.

  1.      User-friendly

Complicated terminals could be time-consuming for both you and your customers. You should choose one that is easy to use and requires minimal training.  Machines that are complicated tend to frustrate your clients and could be a reason why your client will opt for another service provider.

  1.      Payment Security

The company that you settle for should be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. Violating PCI compliance can lead to major financial penalties. To add on to that it leaves your customers vulnerable to fraud.

  1.      Portability

You should look for a card machine that is convenient to carry around. As a result you will be able to accept payments wherever you and your customers are. In case your company offers delivery services to your clients, it provides them with various payment options at the point of sale.

  1.      Reliability

A reliable credit card machine ensures that things run smoothly in your business. The battery life of your machine should be considered. Power outages can frustrate you as a business owner especially if you have a credit card machine with a short battery life. Whenever you are purchasing one you should inquire about how long the battery life lasts so as to always be prepared even when the lights are out. You should determine if your credit card machine will connect via Wifi or Ethernet at your business or when you are moving around.

  1.      Ability to print receipts

Receipts are a great form of accountability and will aid in tracking sales and record keeping. Some credit cards processors have an inbuilt printer, while others need to be connected to a separate receipt printer. Nonetheless the machine you opt for should be able to give you the receipt printing option.

Ultimately, the purpose of the machine is to make your work easier as a business owner so that more time can be spent on growing your market share.

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