The Power of Oracle Hospitality: How it Can Transform Your Hotel Business

The Power of Oracle Hospitality: How it Can Transform Your Hotel Business

On 22 March 2023

Hoteliers' demands for hotel software are many: orchestrate hotel operations, manage guest preferences, and manage room inventory and rate, all while handling constant change and keeping data secure. That's why Oracle Hospitality created its suite of cloud applications. Oracle Hospitality solutions integrate these hotel functions into one platform, making transactional data flow seamlessly for the best experiences.

Pesapal - Oracle Gold Partner

We are an Oracle Partner and a Reseller of its hospitality software. We are also the only payment service provider (PSP)with validated integrations for payments into Oracle Hospitality across East and Central Africa.

We provide simple and secure ways for you to make and accept payments in the hospitality industry. Hotels in East and Central Africa can greatly benefit from our expertise in integrating Oracle Hospitality solutions to effectively compete within the industry.

How Can Oracle Hospitality Transform Your Hotel Business?

Running a successful hotel business is not a walk in the park. The complexities of bookings and customer satisfaction might in some cases be riddled with errors. Oracle Corporation developed Opera PMS and Symphony POS to address these challenges.

Oracle Hospitality solutions for hotels presents the Opera Property Management System (PMS). This offering holistically handles all functions relating to the day-to-day running of a hotel.

Pesapal offers installation, staff training as well as system maintenance checks to hotels using the Opera PMS.

Using our Reserveport system we integrate with Opera PMS presenting a powerful interface that accepts digital bookings and payments. 

Pesapal Reserveport and Opera PMS integration

Opera is an Oracle Hospitality solution for hotel operations. Its functionality reduces the complexities that come about in hotel management. On the other hand, Pesapal being a regulated payment service provider in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, presents a booking engine - Reserveport - that seamlessly integrates with Opera PMS. There are a few important steps involved in the journey to achieving transformation in managing the hotel business.

  • The first step is to open a merchant account with Pesapal. Having a merchant account is recommended as it allows your guests to pay securely to your preferred bank account. The guests can pay via Visa, Mastercard as well as American Express cards on the e-invoices generated.
  • Secondly, hoteliers are encouraged to have a website to increase their online presence. The websites professionally market the hotel to guests in every part of the world, clearly representing its services to attract guests.
  • Pesapal’s Reserveport option presents the third step. The Reserveport booking engine is integrated into the website to facilitate guest bookings. A hotel's major function is to offer accommodation, the booking engine has a channel manager that displays room availability together with the applicable rates and any other riders that come with the room. This function is made possible by a comprehensive calendar which schedules guests' activities appropriately.

Automated bookings via Opera

Reserveport by Pesapal offers a user-friendly interface that allows clients to make reservations from all over the world. Here are some of the steps to ensure successful digital bookings.

  • Visit the hotel website and identify a preferred room and its availability status.
  • Select arrival, departure, and occupancy.
  • Selected accompanying features and room enhancements.
  • Populate personal details by capturing the correct email address.
  • An e-invoice is sent out to the email captured.
  • Complete e-invoice by Visa, MasterCard, American Express card and mobile money options. 
  • Booking reference number is generated on completing the transaction.

A completed transaction generates a booking reference for the client, this booking reference is automatically adopted by the Opera Cloud PMS. On check-in, the guests need only to produce their booking reference and the reception can find them on the system.

Adopting Oracle-Validated Integrations for your business is significant in transforming your hotel business. Manual bookings lead to errors and reduce efficiency. Opera PMS functions are guaranteed to ensure speed of service and return on investments.

Opera PMS and Fraud management

As a hotel manager, reviewing transaction activities is significant as it checks on fraudulent behaviors that may at any time affect the business.

Opera Cloud PMS’ capacity to streamline hotel operations greatly enhances the system and protects you from fraud. This is done through its powerful revenue management function, reporting and analytics feature as well as integration capacity.

  • Integration capacity

OPERA Cloud PMS capacity to integrate with Pesapal Sabi POS system has to a large extent reduced fraudulent cases in hotels. The Sabi is designed to accept Mobile money and card payments from guests, thereby ensuring digital funds collection. Additionally, this feature reduces the need for multiple software applications since it presents a single platform allowing for bookings and payments.

Switching to Opera PMS presents a sure way to transform your hotel business in this competitive industry.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Integration to Reserveport by Pesapal presents tools that can help you analyze transactions, users, and accounts to prevent fraudulent behavior. Transactions are checked to secure revenue while the analytics feature offers important insights that ensure business continuity.

  • Revenue Management 

Another key feature presented by integration is the revenue management function that helps you maximize your profitability. The solution allows adjustments of room rates based on seasonal demand thus automatically switching to a dynamic pricing strategy guaranteed to check on business revenue. 

The contributions of Oracle Hospitality solutions in running a hotel business cannot be ignored. Automation and digitalization are the future of the hospitality industry, this has also been adopted in all other sectors of the economy. To transform your hotel business, it is important to be aware of the current trends in the industry to be able to compete effectively.

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