Why Oracle validated integrations for your hospitality business?

Why Oracle validated integrations for your hospitality business?

On 23 March 2023

Technology today has revolutionized the way companies do business. This is portrayed in the automation of data management processes which have made storing, organizing and analyzing data easier.

Oracle Validated integrations can give hospitality businesses the confidence that they are making the most of their investments as they help to optimize workflows and enhance collaboration between different teams and departments. In addition to this, integration is significant as it allows the business functions to run on a single platform without ever having to switch systems. This gives total visibility over the whole enterprise. There are a few organizations across the world who have partnered with Oracle to integrate its hospitality offering, one such company is Pesapal. 

Pesapal is both a partner and reseller of Oracle Hospitality software. It is also the only payment services company with validated payments integration into Oracle Hospitality across East and Central Africa. We provide simple and secure ways for you to make and accept payments in the hospitality industry. Other services include installations, staff training as well as software maintenance checks. Pesapal was founded in Kenya and is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya, Bank of Uganda and Bank of Tanzania. 

What is Oracle Hospitality? 

Oracle Hospitality is a business unit of IT giant Oracle working with Partners across regions geared towards streamlining operations in the hospitality industry and elevating the guest experience with today’s technologies. 

It provides mission critical operational solutions to independent hoteliers, global and regional chains, gaming and cruise lines, with cloud-based, mobile-enabled solutions for property management, point of sale, distribution, reporting, and analytics, and more. 

The hospitality industry includes economic activities that relate to travel, hotels, restaurants and bars. All these businesses offer accommodation as well as meal facilities and that is where the software comes in. Currently, there are 40 thousand active sites and over 4.8 million hotel rooms running on Oracle Hospitality solutions.    

Hotel and Restaurant Management 

Oracle Hospitality solutions can cater to the administrative requirements of a hotel business. Issues relating to staff management, finances, and customer relations are adequately handled to ensure guest satisfaction and revenue maximization. Similarly, the systems can assist in restaurant management. The complexities of making an order to pricing and costing are simplified to reduce workflow within the restaurant.  

 Oracle Validated Integrations 

It is important for hospitality industry players today to go for system solutions which are guaranteed to offer value with regards to functionality. Oracle Hospitality’s notable features include a Property Management System (PMS) and a point-of-sale (POS) system. These Oracle Validated integrations ensure business continuity and efficiency. 

These two can effectively conduct inventory management, reporting, and analytics as well as offer operational assistance. A PMS enables hotel operators to manage all aspects of operations, including housekeeping, maintenance, and client services. A Point of Sale on the other hand allows restaurants to manage their menu, ordering, as well as payments to increase efficiency and reduce workload. 

  • Opera PMS 

The Opera Property Management System was built to automate hotel functions. The integration of Opera PMS and Pesapal Reserveport systems has streamlined hotel operations by automating reservation operations and doing the legwork for staff while decreasing the risk of manual error. This is made possible by a unique booking reference number which is generated when the guest is reserving a room on the website. 

  • Simphony POS 

Oracle Simphony Point of Sale system is designed for businesses in the food and beverage industry. When integrated with Pesapal Sabi POS, Simphony cloud POS can securely receive card and mobile money transactions, minimizing the instances of cash transactions. 

Restaurants, cafes, and nightclub owners can conveniently manage their business from a single integrated platform. The menus in restaurants are uploaded to the Simphony POS allowing for a clear display of items with accompanied pricing leading to seamless operations within the premise. Orders keyed into the POS are linked to the kitchen to allow for inventory management and fraud prevention as manual orders are avoided. 

Benefits of Oracle Validated Integrations. 

Oracle Validated integrations have led to significant growth in the development of the hospitality industry. The benefit of adopting these integrations has helped counter the challenges that had previously affected hotel and restaurant businesses, therefore they have assisted in; 

  • Payments Reconciliation. 

Oracle-Validated integrations powerful bookkeeping compares internal financial records and statements to make sure accounting is accurate within the business. Costs and payments are checked against each other to ensure the records are updated.  

  • Fraud Management. 

Integrations by Oracle actively identify and prevent any potential fraudulent actions toward a business or its customers. This is done by reviewing transaction activities arising from customer transactions and accounts avoiding fraudulent behavior. 

  • Speed of Service. 

Speed of service establishes trust among your customers and proves that your business is reliable. Oracle-Validated Integrations guarantee on-time customer assistance. 

  • Real-time reporting. 

Oracle Solutions offer real-time reporting. This is because operations and security are streamlined providing additional efficiency while maximizing system utility and compatibility. 

Oracle-Validated solutions contribute a great deal to the success of businesses in the hospitality industry. Hotels and restaurants can compete effectively by offering exceptional customer service to clients from all over the world. Integrating these systems guarantees business continuity particularly because the reporting and analytics embedded options can generate clear reports on customer preferences and at the same time, allow for quicker decision-making. Pesapal offers 24-hour customer support allowing you to resolve any delays that might affect your service delivery. Upgrade your systems today by choosing Oracle Validated Integrations solutions for your business. 

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