5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Prepare For Service During Offers

5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Prepare For Service During Offers

On 17 September 2019

Find out ways in which you can prepare your restaurant adequately for the pressure that comes with discounts.

Discounts are great and we all love them. However  as a business, if you are not well prepared for the work that comes along with running the discounts it can be quite exhausting. Food is that one thing that we all love and can’t live without and therefore discounts on meals are usually appealing. It is because of this reason that a restaurant needs to be well prepared when running an offer so as to deliver quality service and food. Today we discuss ways in which your restaurant can prepare for service during offers.

1. Adjust Working Hours

It is prudent to adjust your working hours from the norm to suit the rush that comes with facilitating discounts at a restaurant. This is because the orders tend to skyrocket at particular times of the day. Understanding your customer’s buying behaviors will help you determine the best time to open and close the restaurant. For example if your peak time is in the evening, you can shift the opening time from 9am to 12pm so that by the time peak starts your employees are still energetic.

2. Proper Allocation of Responsibilities

In order to reap maximum productivity, allocate tasks based on your employees strengths. It is your duty to keenly analyse and understand them so as to know what they are good at. Offer periods are a delicate time for your business. A lot could go wrong and every person needs to have their best foot forward. If someone is good at receiving  calls and deliveries allow them to do that so that they can excel in that leading to more revenue in the end.

3. Smooth Payment Process

Partner with a reliable payment service provider. This will ensure that your payments process is smooth which in turn gives your customers a pleasurable experience. It is important to offer various payment options for your customers to give them the opportunity to choose that which works well for them. The Pesapal Sabi terminal enables your customers to pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and mobile money using Mpesa. A smooth payment process enables your restaurant to take many orders at once without consuming time.

4. Briefing Guideline

A service briefing should be conducted at the beginning of every shift. During this meeting you should discuss the outcome of the previous day which includes the wins and the losses that you made. As a result your employees will work on their weaknesses and continue to grow their strengths. The combined effort will enable your restaurant to make more sales.

5. Safety

With the hustle and bustle that comes with offers, you need to be careful not to overlook safety measures. Improperly handled food could lead to food poisoning that has the potential to ruin the reputation of your restaurant. Employees should comply with the set measures so as to keep the customers who come to the restaurant safe.

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