Accept Mpesa and Card Payments with Pesapal Sabi POS

Accept Mpesa and Card Payments with Pesapal Sabi POS

On 17 November 2022

The modern customer seeks convenience when it comes to payments. They want to pay on a channel that they're most comfortable with. This explains why your business has a card machine – and it’s probably not just one, a Till Number, a Send money poster – you name it.

With the Pesapal Sabi PDQ, you can offer the convenience of accepting multiple payment options to your customers. Simplify their payment experience; take Mpesa and card payments on ONE device.

All payments on One Machine 

Process Visa, Mastercard, and Mpesa payments on the same machinethe Pesapal Sabi POS. Collecting payments via different channels can be tedious and hectic. Reconciling your accounts is one of the major challenges one faces when using multiple channels to collect payments. The Pesapal Sabi POS solves this by giving you one collection point, ensuring smooth business operations. 

Superior Reconciliation and Reporting 

Reconciliation is a headache to many business owners who do it manually or have little accounting knowledge.

The Pesapal Sabi POS comes with a merchant dashboard that enables you to access transactions, pull separate Mpesa and card reports, and reconcile them easily at any time. Pesapal Sabi POS simplifies your tasks and saves on time

Print Mpesa Receipts 

You can print Mpesa receipts on Pesapal Sabi POS which comes in duplicates (the customer's and the merchant's). As it is, your cashier could be writing down Mpesa confirmation codes which you use as proof of payment and for later reconciliation. With the Pesapal Sabi POS, the merchant receipt act as proof of payment and can be used for future reference in case of a dispute.  

Access Sales Reports Remotely 

Business owners require frequent access to sales reports to have a better understanding of their business. With the Pesapal Sabi POS, one can access the sales report remotely on their mobile devices as long as they have internet connectivity. This also saves you the cost of buying an extra phone that will be used to confirm Mpesa payments at your premise. 

Accept Card & Mobile Money Payments In Your Business

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