AiCare Spa’s Story Confirms That Indeed Rome Was Not Built In A Day

AiCare Spa’s Story Confirms That Indeed Rome Was Not Built In A Day

On 5 December 2019

Every business is unique in its own way.

People have different missions and visions any time they start their own business, no matter how similar in product or service delivery each idea is birthed from a different womb. For some however the inception is not the conventional way of doing things. In our case, AiCare Spa’s story is a unique one because it started from a point of love, when two souls from different parts of the world fell in love and together they were able to start a state of the art Spa located in the heart of Arusha, Tanzania. Pesapal had the chance to speak to Aileen who is the owner and founder of the spa and this is what she had to say:

Pesapal: Tell us the story of the birth of AiCare Spa?

Aileen: I was born and raised in the Philippines. Around four years ago I moved to Tanzania because nature predicted that I would get married to a handsome man all the way from Africa. When I moved here, I had nothing much to do as I was just a housewife who was taking care of her home. Throughout that time I would constantly think about ways in which I can become more productive to society at large. Coincidentally, a friend came to me and brought forth the idea of opening a spa.

Pesapal: Once your friend gave you this idea did you immediately get on with it?

Aileen: On the contrary, I was really afraid initially. This is because I would look around me and there were many people who had gone ahead of me and were doing pretty well. I was scared because I had no idea of how I would grow a business that would compete with the rest of the people in the same industry. My friend encouraged me to pursue this idea because she could see that I was going to do well. I am blessed with a supportive husband who saw my vision and helped me establish it here because he was Tanzanian.

Pesapal: How was the journey at the start and so far?

Aileen: Honestly, we started with the things that we had in our hands which was very little. It was originally a massage place but we had to quickly advance because our competitors were doing so much more than that and we wanted to stay ahead of the competition.

Pesapal: What services do you offer at your spa?

Aileen: Here we provide services such as: massage, facials, manicure, pedicure, waxing, body scrubs and the recent introduction to our list which is microblading.

Pesapal: So far, how has Pesapal helped you to achieve your business goals?

Aileen: Pesapal has helped us so much, it is convenient for us and our clients. This is because most of our clients like to swipe their cards so much. Each time we tell them that they can swipe their cards using Pesapal, they get very excited. It has helped to grow our clientele because the tourists who come from Foreign Countries like to swipe and offering such convenience to them is a win for us. 

Pesapal: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs out there?

Aileen: Everything that you have always wanted to do just believe in yourself and do it courageously. All the big things that you see all start from something small and grow to become that. Remember that there is no elevator to success, you need to use the stairs. In order to make it in business you need to embrace the process. 

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