My Happy Vee - A Place Where Women Get to Be Open About Their Bodies

My Happy Vee - A Place Where Women Get to Be Open About Their Bodies

On 11 July 2023

My Happy Vee is a leading wellness center which offers a wide variety of natural plant based feminine care products that aid in the prevention and treatment of many common gynecological issues.

Their main focus is to assist females in regaining their feminine health and confidence through self-care and holistic healing. My Happy Vee seeks to bring awareness to the diseases and health issues that affect women and provide support to the women who struggle with them daily. 

Since My Happy Vee started using Pesapal Sabi and online payments, their sales and payment experience has been nothing short of amazing. The solutions have enabled the company to collect payments in-person and digitally through various channels, including mobile money, debit cards and credit cards. This has streamlined their payment processes, making it easier and faster for clients to pay for goods and services rendered 

Sifa Victoria, a manager at My Happy Vee acknowledges that the Pesapal Sabi POS was developed with the end-user in mind. “The machine is easy to use and has helped us accept Visa, Mastercard, M-Pesa.” says Victoria   
My Happy Vee also accepts online payments making it secure and reliable, which makes it an ideal solution for businesses that want to improve their payment processes. 

The adoption of Pesapal payment solutions has been beneficial to My Happy Vee, it has improved their cash flow and made their payments secure.  Learn more 


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