Contactless Payments and the Future of PDQ: What Retailers Need to Know

Contactless Payments and the Future of PDQ: What Retailers Need to Know

On 7 September 2023

In today's dynamic retail landscape, the way consumers pay for products and services is changing.

According to Statista's research data on Mobile POS Payments - Kenya, the transaction value in the Mobile POS Payments market is projected to reach US$3.97bn in 2023. These are payments made by a contactless interaction of the smartphone app with a suitable payment terminal belonging to the merchant.  

From cash to mobile money payments and cards:  

The evolution of payment methods has traversed a remarkable journey, from ancient barter systems to the era of physical cash transactions. Then, the introduction of the groundbreaking transformation with the advent of credit and debit cards and lately, mobile money payments. These apps and plastic cards have revolutionized the way people conduct payments, offering convenience and enhanced security by diminishing the need for hard cash. 

Lets explore the myriad benefits of using a PDQ machine like Pesapal Sabi to collect payments in your retail business. 

  1. Accept Card Payments

In today's cashless society, customers often prefer the convenience and security of card payments. With Pesapal Sabi Smart POS, you can start accepting card payments within your business premises in Kenya. Whether your customers want to pay with Visa, MasterCard, Sabi PDQ ensures that you don't miss out on any potential sales due to payment limitations. 

  1. Digitize Your Business Payments

In this era, you can't afford to keep asking your customers if they have a small value note, or giving them their balance in the form of sweets. Pesapal Sabi Smart POS is not just any PDQ machine; it's an Android Smart Terminal. This means you can digitize your business payments and enjoy the benefits of a versatile, app-enabled device. By leveraging this technology, you bring your business into the digital age, which is increasingly expected by tech-savvy customers. 

  1. Processing M-PESA STK Push

In Kenya, M-PESA is a ubiquitous mobile money service, and Pesapal Sabi Smart POS seamlessly integrates with it. This integration allows you to process M-PESA STK Push payments effortlessly. As M-PESA remains a popular choice for payments among Kenyan consumers, offering this option will significantly enhance your business's accessibility. 

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  1. Access Real-Time Sales Reports

Pesapal Sabi Smart POS doesn't stop at processing payments; it provides you with a comprehensive view of your business performance. With real-time sales reports at your fingertips, you can make data-driven decisions. This visibility allows you to understand sales trends, customer preferences, and peak business hours, enabling you to optimize your operations effectively. 

  1. Multiple Connectivity Options

Pesapal Sabi Smart POS offers flexibility in connectivity. You can choose to connect via 4G or WiFi, ensuring that you can collect payments in any location, whether you're in a bustling city or a remote area with limited connectivity. This adaptability guarantees that you never miss a sale due to network issues. 

  1. Seamless Customer Experience

Providing a smooth customer experience is paramount in today's competitive retail landscape. Pesapal Sabi PDQ excels in this regard by supporting NFC-enabled modes of payments such as Fitbit Pay or Google Pay. This means you cater to tech-savvy customers who prefer using their wearable devices or smartphones for payments. 

  1. Integration Capabilities

Pesapal Sabi Smart POS goes beyond standalone payment processing. It integrates seamlessly with various Point of Sale (POS) systems, including Oracle Micros, Compulynx, and Microsoft AMX. This integration simplifies your operations, streamlining the payment collection process and reducing the chances of errors. 

  1. Online Payment Integration

In the age of e-commerce and online sales, Pesapal Sabi Smart POS offers an option to connect your website to the Sabi POS for payments during pick-up or upon delivery. This means you can extend the convenience of card payments to your online customers, enhancing their shopping experience. 

Adopting a PDQ machine like Pesapal Sabi Smart POS is a strategic move for any retail business in Kenya. It not only expands your payment options but also improves operational efficiency, provides valuable insights, and enhances the overall customer experience. As the best PDQ Machine in Kenya, Pesapal Sabi ensures that your business stays competitive, relevant, and future-ready in the ever-evolving retail landscape. Make the smart choice today and digitize your payment collection with Pesapal Sabi Smart POS. 

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