The Power of Reviews for Your Hotel

The Power of Reviews for Your Hotel

On 20 September 2023

The hospitality industry thrives on trust and credibility. Today, nothing speaks louder than the voice of your guests. Before diving into why reviews are a must-have for your hotel, let's shed some light on some eye-opening statistics.

Studies by Nielsen show that a whopping 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they'd trust a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. They also highlight that 92% of consumers lean on peer recommendations over traditional advertising. 

Why are Reviews a Game-Changer? 

  1. Trust is a Two-Way Street

Guests want to know they're making the right choice. At the very least, they seek value for money. They lean on reviews for reassurance. When potential guests see consistent positive feedback from other patrons, it eases their worries. They feel more confident that your hotel is worth their time and money. 

  1. Decision-making Simplified

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a guest before they click 'Book Now'? A maze of questions and a dash of skepticism. On average, guests read between six to 12 reviews. These reviews serve to clear up most of their uncertainties even before they get to contact your establishment. It simplifies their decision-making process, making them more likely to book a stay with you. 

  1. A Boost to Your Brand

Normally, we think of a good review as a shoutout, a pat on the back, or a salute to your impeccable service. However, it's more than a testament to what you're doing right; it’s free marketing. It’s worth noting that positive reviews can often outweigh the heftiest of advertising campaigns. So always take the opportunity to request reviews from your guests. 

  1. Influence Your Online Rank and Pricing

Two hotels are offering rooms at the same price. One has a rating of 6.6, and the other boasts a 7.8 rating. Which one would potential guests will lean towards? It goes without saying that the hotel with higher ratings will have higher occupancy rates. Moreover, the establishment with a lower rating will have to review its price downwards to remain competitive. Maintaining a stellar review score not only enhances your reputation but also affects your pricing strategy, leading to increased profits. 

Where Should Your Hotel Be Reviewed? 

  • Online Travel Agents (OTAs) 

Platforms like, Expedia, and Agoda can significantly influence your hotel's occupancy rate. A positive presence here can be a game-changer. 

  • Review Sites:  

Think TripAdvisor or Yelp. Such platforms are a goldmine of feedback, helping you continuously refine the guest experience. 

  • Social media: 

Reviews on social media pages give your guests opportunities to share experiences with friends and acquaintances. Such reviews render lots of credibility to your establishment.  

Understanding the Types of Reviews 

The Rave: These are glowing reviews that sing your praises. They are highly shareable and significantly boost bookings. 

Constructive Feedback: Not all reviews will be rosy. Some might point out areas of improvement. Embrace them. They’re your roadmap to perfection. 

Compatibility Issues: Remember, not every negative review reflects your service. Sometimes, it's just a matter of mismatched expectations that occur when a guest and hotel are incompatible. 

Reserveport: Your Partner in Enhancing Hotel Operations 

Your reviews aren't just words; they’re insights. They highlight your strengths and show you where to pivot or improve. And this is where Reserveport comes into play. By streamlining your operations, Reserveport ensures that you consistently deliver services that garner positive reviews. It's time you took control of your hotel’s narrative. Don't let opportunities slip by; let Reserveport transform your guest experience today. 

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