How to Open a Business Account on Pesapal

How to Open a Business Account on Pesapal

On 2 August 2019

Are you sold on the idea of Pesapal’s cutting edge and easy-to-use business solutions? Well, all you need to do now is set up your business account.

The Pesapal business account acts as your nerve centre and gives you access to all your selected tools as well as any funds you receive if you opt for our payments solution. These include tools such as Invoicing and mobile Point Of Sale.

Remember, Pesapal allows your customers to pay you using mobile money, Visa, MasterCard and American Express whether online or in store.  

Here is how to setup your business account:


Follow these steps to open your Pesapal Business Account:

  1. Fill in all the required information on our website. This includes the name of your business, an email address that you like linked to the business and a password you will use to access the account.
  2. An Activation Link will then be sent to the email address you provided. Click on the link to access your Pesapal Business Account Dashboard.
  3. Once logged in, you can now setup your Account details. This includes your contact details, business logo and the users who can access the account. You can also set up Instant Payment Notification settings so you will be notified every time someone makes a payment via the site you’ve integrated on Pesapal.
  4. Setup your Withdrawal details including Bank Details and Automatic Withdrawals.
  5. Explore other Pesapal Merchant features including Invoicing, PDQ machine and online payment systems.  

Please note that once you register and are done with testing, you will be required to sign a contract and provide information about your business to facilitate settlement of funds. Find out all the requirements and more about your merchant account below.

All payments received for your business are deposited to your Pesapal Merchant Account. To access them, you need to login to your account and initiate a withdrawal request and these funds are settled to your bank account within 48 working hours.

Required Documents to Open Pesapal Business Account 

Here is a list of documents that you should have in hand before opening a Pesapal business account according to your business account:

1. Sole Proprietor               

  1. Voided/Cancelled Cheque in the name of sole proprietor
  2. Copy of Business Registration               
  3. Copy of  National ID, Passport or Driver’s License
  4. Copy of KRA Pin Number or Tax Compliance Certificate
  5. Signed Pesapal Contract                                      

2. Partnerships/LLCs               

  1. ID/Passport copies of Chairman/Directors of the Company PIN Certificate of all Directors/Partners
  2. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of Company
  3. Copy of KRA Pin Number / Tax Compliance Certificate of Business
  4. Passport photo of each of the Directors/Partners
  5. Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  6. Copy of a voided Cheque
  7. Signed Pesapal Contract

Please contact [email protected] for information on how to access your contract and how to submit the required documents.

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