Pesapal is a payment gateway service through which clients can process payments either via Mobile money, Cards and Mobile banking. We bring together local Mobile money payment methods, VISA, MasterCard and American Express where by connecting once, you have access to all for both online, and over the counter payments.

In order for you to come on board as a Business, you need to open a Business account. You can then integrate your website with us through the APIs we provide via email.

Once you go live, you will need to sign a Merchant Agreement (Contract) with us and provide some documentation alongside the contract. This will enable us to know the nature of your business and if it is registered as a Company, Sole Proprietorship or Partnership. For details on the documents you are required to provide, check the detailed step by step account opening guide.


You can view all the transactions that come to your account on your dashboard.

The dashboard is what you view first when you log in to your business account.

You can only use one email address once to open an account with Pesapal.

If you have a personal account and you want to have a business account you can do a upgrade on the personal account.

Opening another separate account will require you to have another email address that has not been used on Pesapal before.


Use this link to reset your password: /forgotpassword

We charge a per transaction fee which is available on our pricing page. The money collected is held in a trust account until when you request the money to be settled your bank account.(we only settle to bank accounts in your country of registration)

It takes 72 working hours (maximum of 3 working days) for the amounts to be settled to your bank account. In case this is not effected within the stated days please drop an email to [email protected] for follow up.


Send an email to [email protected], with the transaction details i.e. confirmation code received, phone number used, date of the transaction and amounts.


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