Managing Your Bookings The Easy Way With Reserveport

Managing Your Bookings The Easy Way With Reserveport

On 10 November 2020

Reserveport is a Central Reservations System for all types of accommodation and hotel operations. It offers a simple online solution, which enables hotel reservations online, and at the same time, simplifies daily administration.

Reserveport enables you to get more bookings and process your hotel payments more simply by:

  • Increasing OTA Presence:
    • To reach a wider range of potential guests, we manage your hotel’s distribution on 100+ OTA’s with our real-time hotel channel manager. With Easy tools and Bulk update capabilities, you can manage your rates, availability and see your bookings in real-time – anytime, anywhere.


  • Maintaining a Direct Booking Channel:
    • Accepting direct bookings can reduce your reliance on OTAs, perhaps you feel you lack the technical expertise to maintain your own website, but with the right technology we can easily create and maintain a website that allows potential guests to browse and book on any device. 


  • Managing Complex Business Operations:
    • Managing agents, handling hotel administrators and offline bookings has been made easier with our digital solutions making it easier for properties to manage workloads and be competitive.


  • Agent Booking Feature:
    • For properties that have agents, our solutions enable agents to log in and key in the guest details themselves, this helps the hotel to manage its resource distributions. Through this feature we enable the agents that you work with to directly book through the Reserveport platform. To add the agents you log onto on the left side click on Property Set-up then you will see the Property Agents feature where you can add their details such as the name and email address.


  • Assisted Booking:
    • Not all guests will visit your website, some will opt to call the hotel directly, for this we have a feature that will enable your property to add a booking, this will sync with your online inventory so you will not have to deal with overbookings. This could be for a walk-in client, one who has called and from your emails.     


  • Charge Virtual Cards:
    • Reserveport provides you with a tool to charge these virtual cards in a secure way. With this solution you can charge virtual cards received from,, Agoda. com and Jumia Travel.


  • Payment Requests:
    • Send Payment Requests to your customers through email to get paid confirmation for any pending bookings. The Email is branded with your logo and contact address, making it easy for the customer to feel comfortable while paying, and also pay within a secure environment.


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