What it Takes to Run a Recovering Hotel Business

What it Takes to Run a Recovering Hotel Business

On 6 November 2020

As the hotel industry rebounds from an unplanned shutdown, proprietors are in many ways building from the ground up with an allure to fill the rooms with any available demand.

The Post Covid-19 Hotel Handbook 2020 by Pesapal seeks to provide tips for hotel managers to lean on in the recovery process. 

What’s Inside:


Remaining steadfast involves optimizing online distribution and having a channel mix between OTAs and Hotel’s Website. 

Desperate times tend to call for desperate measures which shouldn’t be the case for many a seasoned hotelier. Though the OTA giants undercut profitability, be cognizant that they keep staffers employed and lights on with heads on beds. It is therefore paramount to balance room distribution between the OTAs with direct bookings (website, social media and walk-ins). 

A long-term strategy therefore necessitates:


  • Building an intuitive website that offers a differentiated experience
  • Supporting bookings for meetings and events on your website
  • Online bookings for day room 
  • Advertising in the metasearch and social media channels



Building a marketing strategy entails creating a strong brand recognition with a fierce loyalty program.  Gone are the days of guests worrying about early check-in and whether they’ll get a room with a view. Address travelers’ concerns regarding the health & safety measures in your establishment by communicating appropriately. Be sure to update the information regularly on your website and showcase the progress on your social media channels.


A few ideas to replace the tone-deaf generic ads about your hotel:

  • Improve and streamline visibility of sales for group business bookings, meetings and events
  • Provide dynamic loyalty offers and redemption options for existing customers
  • Generate targeted offers and smart pricing for new customers
  • Present best-price guarantee while maximizing revenue and occupancy
  • Perform targeted marketing with individual campaigns for your return customer base
  • Attract guests and incentivize them to book directly on your website



Innovation in the hotel sector has been necessary for the past decade in Africa. However, the pandemic has created an urgency among the hoteliers in adoption of technology. 

Be to comply with the health & safety regulations, or as a business survival tactic, hotel managers need to evaluate what type of technology is going to benefit their property to:

  • Elevate the guest experience by streamlining communications 
  • Operate with lean teams without reducing productivity
  • Minimize face-to-face interactions so as to keep both staff and guests safe


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