From Customer To Chef In A Split Second

From Customer To Chef In A Split Second

On 5 November 2020

Did you know that the first online food order was a pizza from Pizza Hut in 1994, just when the internet was gaining popularity across the globe?

Fast forward to 2020 and new innovations have been adopted to seamlessly integrate business needs with customer convenience. 

The winning formula for any successful restaurant consists of three main components:

  • Location
  • Service
  • Distribution


  1. Location

    In the past, restaurants would decide on location based on where they would get maximum traffic of people. Essentially this meant a combination of the menu offering and the target clientele. For instance, opening up a restaurant in the Central Business District would instantly give you access to thousands of potential customers as opposed to residential areas. In today’s landscape, location is not restricted to geography alone, as your customers are online! 

    Taking your restaurant online will not only increase your revenue by expanding your customer reach since there aren’t geographical restrictions. A customer sitting at home on a weekend may opt to buy food from a local restaurant instead of making the trip to your physical location. However, with your restaurant menu online, you won’t miss out on the sale. 

    For more benefits on taking your restaurant online, download our Restaurants eBook to help you maximize on your online opportunities.

  2. Service

    You’ve probably heard of the popular saying that “Customer is King” yet have you heard that “Service is Queen”? The food business is packed with lots of competition with many restaurants offering almost similar products at cut throat prices. What makes your customers coming back, especially the new customers, is how well you manage your customer journey. 

    The customer journey needs to be focused on customer efficiency making it easy to order, get fresh food, have multiple options to pay for the online orders, and quick delivery. 

  3. Distribution

Now that your restaurant is online and your customer journey is exemplary, the last leg is distribution. For in-dining experience, your staff has this covered. For online orders, your restaurant needs to get the food to your customers as fast as possible and this can be achieved by hiring your own delivery guys or partnering with existing delivery services such as Uber Eats, Jumia Food, Glovo etc 


How to Do It All The Easy Way

As you focus on making sure the food your offering your customers is of the best quality, it’s easier to work with a solution provider that will offer you an online ordering platform that can be integrated into your website or create a new website for your business, offer your customers to multiple payment options (card or mobile money) and offer you a delivery solution… all in one connection.

reserveport online food ordering system

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