Navigating Chargeback Challenges: Safeguarding the Future of Hospitality and Travel - A Pesapal Caffe Series Event

Navigating Chargeback Challenges: Safeguarding the Future of Hospitality and Travel - A Pesapal Caffe Series Event

On 21 September 2023

In our ongoing commitment to empower and educate industry professionals, we held another session of our Pesapal Caffe Series. This time, we delved into a critical topic that has been at the forefront of discussions within the hospitality and travel sector - Navigating Chargeback Challenges: Safeguarding Your Hospitality and Travel Business.

Once again, our Pesapal Caffe Series brought together experts and industry leaders to share insights and strategies to address the pressing challenges faced by businesses in these sectors. Our audience included a diverse array of merchants from Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, and Zambia, all seeking knowledge and solutions to fortify their businesses against chargeback issues. 

As the discussion kicked off, Anthony Irungu, a seasoned expert with experience in risk analysis took the stage. He emphasized the need for businesses to adopt a proactive approach to risk management. He spoke on different types of chargebacks and how to mitigate them and gave real-life cases of chargebacks and how to handle them.  

In today's fast-paced landscape, anticipating and mitigating chargeback risks is paramount. By understanding the underlying causes and patterns behind chargebacks, businesses can implement preventive measures." Irungu stated 

Renowned for his visionary leadership and passion for harnessing technology-driven solutions, Sadru Kazabula gave a fresh perspective stating that technology is not merely a tool; it's an enabler "Investing in the right technology empowers businesses to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and significantly reduce the incidence of chargebacks." He concluded.  

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In the panel, we also had Daniel Rajabu, a representative from Z Hotel's Accounts department, who brought experience and expertise to the discussion. His firsthand knowledge of managing payments within the hospitality industry provided valuable context during our discussions on chargeback challenges. Daniel's insights shed light on the practical aspects of payment processing and the importance of robust systems and practices in safeguarding against chargeback incidents, making his contributions an integral part of our Pesapal Caffe Series event. 

The Pesapal Caffe Series continues to serve as a platform for industry players to come together, learn, and build connections that will prove invaluable in safeguarding their businesses' future. We are immensely grateful to our panelists, Anthony Irungu, Sadru Kazabula and our moderator Alfred Lyamba, for sharing their expertise and insights. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to our engaged and inquisitive attendees who made the event truly interactive and informative. 

The future of the hospitality and travel industry is filled with opportunities, and together, we are well-prepared to seize them. If you missed the webinar, watch it below, feel free to leave any question or comment and we will attend it.  

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