Pesapal Now Powering Petrol Station Payments and Automation

Pesapal Now Powering Petrol Station Payments and Automation

On 25 January 2023

The new Pesapal Forecourt Management Solution is being launched today in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It is the first solution developed specifically for Africa that delivers integrated payments alongside monitoring and data tools.

Agosta Liko,  CEO of Pesapal, says, “Independent petrol station operators and large forecourt networks are changing up their business models, with convenience services, new fuels and battery charging. This makes it a more exciting, complex and risky game to be in. We’re helping them automate and digitise, so they can focus on growing their businesses.” 

The Pesapal Forecourt Management Solution drives the automation of fuel and retail management processes. It seamlessly connects distribution points and digital payments backed up with tools to reduce costs and pilfering, while improving the customer experience. 

With Pesapal, petrol station owners can remotely monitor and control LPG and fuel dispensers. The solution automates how these talk to tank gauges, price displays and payment systems – which, as usual with Pesapal, integrate mobile money, cards and online payments 

Liko says, “We’ve spent months working with petrol station owners across East Africa and we’ve consistently heard about a lack of affordable monitoring and data tools for our unique environment. Many owners want to transform their forecourt into a multi-use hub, but they’re flying blind at the moment.”   

Pesapal provides a back-end reporting tool and allows station owners to link Point of Sale (POS) and other technology platforms to forecourt operations. Additional functions include centralised price changes, RFID-based attendant tagging, automatic indenting of products and posting of outlet data to head office systems. 

Pesapal is a Technical Associate of the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF). This community is focused on technology standards to benefit automotive fuel and energy retailers. It is also championing the interoperability of forecourt and convenience devices and services. IFSF membership paves the way for Pesapal to partner with African forecourt operators to drive further automation and meet changing global standards. 

Liko concludes, “While the world is looking to decarbonise, our cities and communities are getting more mobile. We’re using different types of transport, changing fuels, and new finance and subscription products. Forecourts are the frontline of this transformation. They’ll have many more moving parts, and different retail, energy and fuel suppliers 

Pesapal has over a decade of experience empowering African businesses with easily understood information on customers, payments, sales, and inventory.  Knowledge is power, and it will help thousands of forecourt operators adapt, innovate, and grow.” 

About Pesapal Ltd 

Thousands of businesses and customers trust us to simplify and secure their payments. Founded in 2009, we're the leading payment services company with local know-how in building payment and business tools for Africa. Pesapal has 300+ people in 7 African countries – and we're adding more. We're on track to connect a million African entrepreneurs and customers to e-commerce, digital payments and the global financial system by 2030. Pesapal is regulated by The Central Bank of Kenya, Bank of Uganda and Bank of Tanzania. 


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