Pesapal’s Solutions for Airline Sector's Recovery Post Pandemic

Pesapal’s Solutions for Airline Sector's Recovery Post Pandemic

On 15 October 2020

Word of this decade – UNPRECEDENTED. Even though the current news seems dire, a growing feeling of resolve is emerging from not only airline executives but travelers as well.

Following a long stretch of Nairobi lockdown and stay-at-home orders, most travelers were unable to enjoy the long bank holidays. We’ve therefore found that people want to travel, but countries have placed restrictions on international travel and there is a general hesitance to fly. It is no wonder that local and domestic leisure trips are steadily rising. This is because those in the airline industry are ready to reopen immediately and consumers are eager to return to “normal”. But ensuring the recovery process goes smoothly will require intelligent guidance and a sensible strategy. 

Recovery requires the airline sector to develop operational solutions to reassure travelers, adapt to their changing needs and concerns, and effectively promote the industry’s routes. On this front as well, early solutions are starting to emerge.

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Some of the airlines that were among the quickest to respond to the surge in domestic travel include Fly540, Jambo Jet, Skyward, AirKenya and East African. By partnering with Pesapal, the proper infrastructure was installed ensuring a seamless, contactless booking process for the customers hence mitigating the risk.

The payment and booking portal that integrates into the existing individual websites provides a platform where airlines are able to process mobile money, Credit and Debit card payments instantly! As such the upswing in consumer demand is starting to pick up.

The collaboration with Pesapal has positioned these domestic airlines to recover faster than competitors, and is helping write the playbook for others to follow suit.


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