Reserveport by Pesapal: Everything You Need to Run Your Hotel Efficiently

Reserveport by Pesapal: Everything You Need to Run Your Hotel Efficiently

On 24 June 2020

So you run a hotel? Are you constantly worrying about inventory distribution? Have you been wondering how you can generate more revenue?

The most successful hoteliers are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead in the game through delivering exceptional service across all customer touch points and incorporating new technologies to help their teams work efficiently and effectively. Reserveport by Pesapal helps you simplify your hotel operations and ultimately increase your revenue. 

Reserveport by Pesapal is Africa’s one and only comprehensive solution for hoteliers and restaurateurs that has achieved Oracle Validated Integration. Hotels that sign up on Reserveport get a FREE booking engine that comes with payments integration and a channel manager to help manage inventory distribution. All bookings made on Reserveport (whether directly through the booking engine or through the Online Travel Agent (OTA) channels) post directly to your hotel’s Property Management System (PMS), ultimately saving you a lot of man-hours. Furthermore, your hotel can accept virtual cards as well as physical cards with Sabi - Pesapal’s POS terminal that also posts directly to your hotel’s PMS thus helping you mitigate any incidences of internal fraud.

Drive Direct Bookings to Your Hotel Via Your Booking Engine

Unlike your reservations office which is probably open from 9am - 5pm, signing up on Reserveport means that your hotel is open for bookings 24-7-365. Your guests can book their stay with you at their convenience, and are not limited by your office hours. The booking engine automatically updates availability, helping you avoid cases of double bookings. It also helps you plan your resources accordingly since you get a view of your occupancy rate across all channels in real time. In addition to proper planning, direct bookings made on your booking engine translate to higher profits for you. Every OTA you engage requires a commission for every successful sale. If you are able to fill out your rooms directly, the better for you.

Manage Your Distribution in Real Time 

Poor inventory management could affect your guests’ experience. Avoid overbooking and forget logging in to different systems to update your rates and availability. Not only is this manual process time-consuming, but it is also prone to data entry errors. Reserveport connects to a number of OTAs helping you manage distribution seamlessly, effortlessly and in real time. 

Maximize Your Revenue

Reserveport helps you post payments in real-time reducing risk of handling payments manually. Each booking and payment done by your guests reflects automatically on your PMS. You can accept virtual and physical cards at the point when a customer is making a booking. On their arrival at your property, guests can pay for extras with the Pesapal Sabi terminal that also posts directly to your PMS helping you curb issues of embezzlement and fraud thus managing your operations better.

Want to Know More About Reserveport?

Reserveport is an easy-to-use central reservations system for all types of accommodations and hotel operations. Reserveport offers a simple online solution that enables online hotel reservations, and at the same time, simplifies daily administration. Interested? Get started today and watch your revenue grow.

Pesapal for Hotels: Reserveport Booking Engine

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