Simplify Payments & Operations at Your Hotel with the ResRequest & Pesapal Partnership

Simplify Payments & Operations at Your Hotel with the ResRequest & Pesapal Partnership

On 15 January 2020

It is slightly over one year since ResRequest and Pesapal partnered in order to offer a seamless property management process for boutique safari lodges and hotels.

This has abated the struggle in finding a solution that is affordable and convenient for both your guests and for you. The partnership has made it easier for guests to pay you as they are now provided with a variety of options including Visa, Mastercard, and  American Express. Through the platform you are able to charge Virtual card payments easily. 

ResRequest is a comprehensive sales management system for lodges, camps and small hotels. It incorporates reservations management, property management, customer relationship management and web bookings, with interfaces to external sales channels and accounting systems. ResRequest supports distributed operating environments, enabling people to use the system both on and off the internet, from different locations. Data is synchronised between the environments. Powerful reporting capabilities enable you to manage accounts receivable, report on tax liabilities, manage logistics, analyse business performance and review marketing/sales statistics, manage contacts and analyse business performance. 

Pesapal enables your hotel to get paid from any part of the world regardless of the location of your guest or the type of credit card they use. Pesapal accepts mobile money (M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money) and Visa and MasterCard, American Express debit and credit cards and has the ability to process payments in USD as well as 15 other African currencies including the Kenya Shilling (KES)  and the South African Rand (ZAR). All payments made through Pesapal are secured using bank-level security as Pesapal is both PCI PIN and PTS compliant. As a business it will help you be more productive and generate more revenue as it lowers the cost of collecting money for you. It is a secure, reliable, accessible and a cost-effective way as all your revenue is collected under one platform from the different guests and it is settled to your preferred bank accounts in a short period.  

ResRequest properties using the Pesapal integration will now be able to offer international and local guests credit card payment option and save them the hassle of having to carry local currency. As a hotel you are provided with a merchant dashboard where you can track all your transactions at a glance. You can view any invoices sent out to your guests, those that have been paid and those that are due for payment. This coupled with the property management system by Resrequest will make reconciliations less tedious and more efficient for you. As a result, your staff can spend fewer man-hours trying to follow through with the payments and more hours in other tasks that will grow your property earning you more revenue in the long-run. 

In case your guests want to pay you onsite Pesapal has a modern-day point of sale solution known as Sabi which allows businesses to process both card (Visa & Mastercard) and mobile money( of your local currency) payments at the point of sale. Its unique design offers you portability, long battery life, connectivity through Wifi & Mobile data, reliability and convenience. 

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