This is Why You Need Pesapal Mobile

This is Why You Need Pesapal Mobile

On 12 April 2019

Now you don't have to struggle when making any bill payments.

There is this headache that always comes at the end of the month. Almost every bill is always due at this particular time, the hustle comes when you have to look for the various account details and how one will pay.

On March 4th 2019, Pesapal welcomed its newest baby in the market, the Pesapal Mobile app. This application enables users to buy airtime, pay bills, book flights and holidays, purchase event tickets and pay for school fees. The app is available on both Google Play store and Apple’s app store and it helps consumers to simplify their day to day payments all on one platform. Today we would like to discuss with you why you should use the Pesapal mobile app:

  1. Zero Transaction fees

You can pay all your bills and make all payments both on mpesa and using the credit cards at no extra cost.

  1. Multiple checkouts

Using the app you have the ability to pay for more than one utility and check out at the same time. This is convenient and saves you on time.

  1. Smart Transaction History

The app stores all the transactions that you make in the activity toolbar. It indicates the date, time, amount spent and the service that you were paying for. Whenever you are doing your reconciliations at the end of the month it is easier for you to keep tabs.

  1. Recurring Payments

Paying bills is a recurrent expense that happens mostly at the same time of every month. With the Pesapal mobile app, you can automatically schedule the various bills you pay to be billed on a particular day every month. The money will be deducted at that particular time from your credit card.

  1. Save Payment Methods

The app has the provision of saving your billing details. As a result, you spend less time that would have been used on having to input the card details each time you make a payment.

  1. Fast Turnaround Time

Once all the details are correctly filled, the payment process takes a maximum of ten seconds if there is a reliable internet connection. Soon after the bills have been paid, for example the Tv subscription it is automatically reconnected.

Technological advancements in the 21st Century have made life easier and processes convenient for everyone in any industry. The Pesapal mobile app helps you save time as you are able to make all your bill and airtime payments in one platform and in simple steps.

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