Re-Bar - The Restaurant Business Where Passion Leads

Re-Bar - The Restaurant Business Where Passion Leads

On 5 April 2019

In 2018, Joshua Kabage opened the Re-Bar in the Karen area of Nairobi, Kenya. Here is his story.

As a young man, Joshua, popularly known as Joash, had always had an interest in opening a space that enabled young people to have fun while unwinding. He wanted to create a different vibe for the bar scene and took the plunge, using his passion for business are his driving force.

Owning a bar was, initially,  a very capital intensive venture.  Finding a location, investing in furnishing and bar inventory was particularly challenging. This was because Joash was committed to a certain look and feel for his bar that featured graffiti by local artistes that captured the eye his ideal clientele.

Another challenge Re-Bar faced was stiff competition as the restaurant business is currently experiencing a boom in Kenya. To counter that, Joshua has invested in creating an unrivalled customer experience. With personalized service, an exciting menu and a relaxed urban ambiance, the bar has been able to distinguish itself as a key attraction to a youthful clientele.

This and word of mouth from happy customers has been his greatest marketing strategy so far. His savvy use of social media has also seen him get a steady stream of customers and keep his business going.

To help with his payment processing, Joash reached out to Pesapal for the Sabi Point of Sale. With Sabi, Re-bar is able to accept Visa and MasterCard card payments from customers. He is able to keep track of his cashless payments via the Android app and use the data to generate financial reports.

Joash is looking to grow his business and at Pesapal we are committed to helping him grow by constantly innovating and finding solutions to help him meet his needs. You can find information about Pesapal Sabi here as well as information about our other business solutions.

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