Why Accept Card Payments In Your Business

Why Accept Card Payments In Your Business

On 26 August 2020

The modern consumer has now more than ever embraced digital payments not as a lifestyle choice but a health necessity...

The modern consumer has now more than ever embraced digital payments not as a lifestyle choice but a health necessity. For your business, this creates a lot of opportunities to expand your customer reach and maximize sales! Let’s talk about why you should accept Card Payments in your business today.


Your Customers Have Evolved


According to public data provided by the Central Bank, we had over 6.5 million cards in circulation as of January 2020, with about 90% of that being debit cards. That means chances that they have a card in their wallet are very likely even though they might pay with cash or mobile money. Studies around card usage show that your customers want to choose the payment type that’s most convenient or beneficial for them. 


Given a choice between cash or card, your customer will prefer to pay with a card because:


  • COVID - 19 has made the customer avoid handling cash
  • Cards offer discounts or points from their Bank
  • Cards are not limited to the current amount of cash in your pocket 


Creating More Value To Your Business


Aligning your business with your customer needs goes a long way in boosting sales and increasing customer loyalty. Accepting card payments and letting your customers know by displaying - for example - the VISA logo near your cashier/point of sale increases consumer confidence.


Giving your customers the option to choose their preferred payment method, their purchasing power is enhanced, opening up more sales opportunities and especially impulse purchases.


Using a reputable payment service provider also ensures that your transactions are taking place in a safe & secure environment. A real-time dashboard to monitor all your transactions as they happen is key to managing your business operations.


Pesapal’s SABI point of sale is a PDQ solution that allows you to accept both Card and Mobile Money Payments in one device. Our PDQ supports digital and physical receipts with reports for each transaction on a realtime dashboard.


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