How to Check and Pay Your Kenya Power Bill

How to Check and Pay Your Kenya Power Bill

On 22 July 2020

Not sure what your Kenya Power postpaid bill is totaling to? There are various ways to check your Kenya Power bill before you pay.

ith Pesapal mobile, you can query your Kenya Power bill and make payments instantly without navigating away from the app. Pesapal Mobile aggregates payments for essential and leisure services. The app enables users to buy airtime, pay bills, book flights and holidays, purchase event tickets and pay for school fees. It simplifies how consumers manage their day-to-day payments all on one FREE platform. Yes, you pay bila charges regardless of the payment method on the app. 

Pesapal Mobile allows you to check your electricity account balance. Check your balance as you pay your bill or buy prepaid tokens.

  • Open the Pesapal Mobile app. If you don’t have the app, download and install it from Android’s Google Play Store  or Apple‘s App Store and start transacting for free!
  • On your home screen, navigate to the Electricity icon and click on it.
  • On the Electricity page, select Postpaid. Here you will then key in your account number to check your Kenya Power bill and click on Check Balance
  • Once the balance has been displayed, you can then choose to pay the full amount or make a partial payment.


The second way you could use to make the payments on the app is as detailed below:

  • After downloading the app, on the landing page at the top left, select the My Bills option.

  • At the top, select add account which will indicate the variety of bills you can pay using the app.
  • Choose the Electricity option which then prompt you to key in the bill details. You can also choose to schedule the payment on the app. This option enables you to set the bill on a recurring payment. You select the date, the amount, the frequency and the card you want to use. At that particular date each month the amount will automatically be deducted from your card.

The Pesapal Mobile app is about convenience at your fingertips. Download the app and get started!

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