Getting A Card Acceptance Machine (PDQ)

Getting A Card Acceptance Machine (PDQ)

On 4 September 2021

Selecting the best PDQ machine for your business in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, or Rwanda can feel overwhelming. With a plethora of options vying for your attention, ensuring you choose the one that empowers your small or large business to accept payments conveniently can be a daunting task.

Pesapal stands out as a key player in the East African market, empowering businesses of all sizes with tailored PDQ terminals designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. 

What does PDQ stand for? 

A PDQ machine stands for "Process Data Quickly" machine. It is a device used for processing mobile money, credit, and debit card transactions. PDQ machine enables customers to make purchases using their cards or mobile money. The machine quickly verifies the transaction and transfers funds from the customer's account to the merchant's account.

How the PDQ machine works  

When the customer uses a card to make payment at a store, the machine captures the details and sends the information to the store's bank (acquirer), which then sends it to the company that issued the card that is Visa or Mastercard who in turn pass it on to the customer's bank. The bank checks if the client has enough money and if his card is valid. If everything checks out, they approve the purchase. If not, they decline it. This whole process usually takes just a couple of seconds. 

Here's what happens behind the scenes, explained simply: 

Step 1 

Customer presents their card to merchant  

Step 2 

The PDQ machine reads card details, verifies and sends the purchase amount to the merchant’s bank. 

Step 3 

The merchant’s bank asks the customer’s bank if the card is valid and has enough to complete the transaction.  

Step 4 

customer’s bank sends a thumbs-up if everything's alright, or a thumbs-down if not. 

Step 5 

The answer zips back to the seller, letting them know if the transaction is approved. 

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Types of PDQ machines 

There are three different types of PDQ machines, each designed to suit different business needs. 

Countertop PDQ Machines: These are stationary PDQ terminals placed on the checkout counter and are connected to the main POS system using ethernet cable. Countertop PDQ machines are ideal for businesses where most transactions occur at a fixed location, such as a checkout counter. 

Portable PDQ Machines: Portable PDQ terminals utilize Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to connect wirelessly to a base unit. Unlike countertop machines, they are not physically tied to a specific location and can be carried around within a limited range, usually between 50 to 100 meters, depending on the connectivity method. 

Mobile PDQ Machines: Mobile PDQ machines represent the latest advancement in payment technology. These devices leverage Wi-Fi connectivity to process card payments anywhere with internet access. They are particularly beneficial for businesses that operate on-the-go or outside traditional brick-and-mortar locations, such as tour and travel agencies, food delivery services, event organizers, and street vendors. 

Pesapal's PDQ machines predominantly fall into the mobile category, enabling businesses to accept payments wherever they have internet access. This flexibility makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and businesses that require mobility and versatility in their payment processing solutions. Whether it's processing payments at events, facilitating food deliveries, or conducting transactions in remote locations, Pesapal's PDQ machines enable businesses to accept card payments and enhance customer convenience. 

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How To Get the Pesapal PDQ Machine in 24 hrs? 

Getting a PDQ machine has never been this easy, at Pesapal we’ll get you transacting within 24hrs. Here’s how you get started... 

Step 1 - Register For Pesapal POS Machine 

Register for a Pesapal POS terminal that fits your business. Our team will get in touch with you and help take you through the registration process. Click here to register. 

Step 2 - Setup Your Pesapal Account  

Sign a merchant contract and submit all the necessary documents  

 Step 3 - Setup Your First Branch 

Set up your branches and cashiers to enable you to track and record all transactions on the Pesapal POS Machine.  

Step 4 - Start Transacting  

Start accepting card payments, it’s that easy. 

Benefits of PDQ Machine  

Reconciliation: With Pesapal PDQ, businesses gain access to a merchant dashboard that simplifies the reconciliation process. This feature allows merchants to effortlessly keep track of payments, monitor sales, and maintain a comprehensive overview of their financial transactions. By providing real-time insights into their revenue streams, businesses can make informed decisions and manage their finances more effectively. 

Print Branded Receipts: The Pesapal PDQ Machine enables businesses to print receipts that feature their own branded logo. This capability not only adds a professional touch to transactions but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. By prominently displaying their logo on receipts, businesses can enhance brand visibility and create awareness among customers. Branded receipts reinforce the business’ brand identity  

Accept Card and Mobile Money Payments on One Machine: One of the standout features of the Pesapal POS Machine is its ability to accept both card and mobile money payments on a single device. This functionality streamlines the payment process for both merchants and customers, eliminating the need for multiple devices on the counter. By offering a convenient and versatile payment solution, businesses can cater to a wider range of customers and increase their sales opportunities. The integration of card and mobile money payments enhances customer convenience and satisfaction, ultimately contributing to improved business performance. 

24/7 Customer Service Support: Pesapal prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing round-the-clock customer service support. This ensures that merchants have access to assistance whenever they need it, addressing any inquiries or issues promptly and efficiently. The availability of 24/7 customer support instills confidence in merchants, assuring them that help is always available whenever they encounter challenges or require guidance with the Pesapal PDQ Machine. This commitment to excellent customer service enhances the overall user experience and strengthens the relationship between Pesapal and its merchant partners. 

How much is a PDQ machine?

The cost of a PDQ machine can vary depending on factors such as the provider, features, and any additional services bundled with it. Pesapal offers PDQ machines at competitive prices, enabling businesses to accept card and mobile money payments effortlessly.

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