Getting A Card Acceptance Machine (PDQ)

Getting A Card Acceptance Machine (PDQ)

On 4 September 2020

By now you’ve heard this question in some sort of variation, “Naweza lipa na card?” (Can I pay with a card?)

As a business in 2020, where the emphasis on accepting digital payments has been catapulted by the COVID-19 epidemic, your answer should be a resounding YES! With many PDQ options in the market, we’ve looked into what a business like yours needs to quickly and efficiently get started on digital payments.  


What Is A Pesapal Sabi PDQ?

Pesapal Sabi is a point of sale terminal that simplifies how you accept and manage digital payments within your business or as you deliver. The device accepts both Card & Mobile Money payments and offers your customers a digital or physical receipt for each transaction. Reconciling your sales is as easy as a breakdown of each transaction is available in real-time in your Pesapal merchant account giving you comprehensive reports within a few clicks.


How To Get A Pesapal Sabi POS in 24 hrs?

Getting a POS machine has never been this easy, at Pesapal we’ll get you transacting within 24hrs. Here’s how you get started...

Step 1 - Get Pesapal SABI

    • Place your order here and pay for the Sabi terminal that fits your business. Our team will get in touch with you and help take you through the registration process.

Step 2 - Setup Your Pesapal Account 

    • Sign a merchant contract and submit all the necessary documents 

 Step 3 - Setup Your First Branch

    • Set up your branches and cashiers to enable you to track and record all your Sabi transactions. 

Step 4 - Start Transacting 

    • Start accepting card payments, it’s that easy.



Ready To Start Accepting Card Payments?

Get The SABI POS Today

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