4 Ways Your Business Can Handle Cash Payments Securely

4 Ways Your Business Can Handle Cash Payments Securely

On 28 September 2018

Securing clients and business' money is a key concern for many. With fraudsters ever evolving, how do you secure your business' cash payments?

Fraud and theft are evolving with perpetrators finding inventive ways to access money from businesses. With cash theft is still a key concern, we look at how different forms of payments can help secure your funds.

Mobile money

Mobile money has been adopted by many businesses due to its efficiency and convenience. It encourages transparency such that as a business owner, you are able to track your transactions. It also lessens the amount of cash a business handles making it less prone to theft as well as to keep proper records and trace the source of the funds.

Card payments

Just like mobile money, most card payments reduce the amount of cash a business handles reducing the risks of theft. And while handling cards present their own set of risk and costs, they do reduce the amount of cash a business handles at any given time. It also allows customers to pay higher amounts of money as they do not come with the limitations customers experience with cash and money. Card payments can also be used by business with online stores allowing

Invest in Security

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to confer with a security experts. Installing CCTV cameras, hiring security personnel, putting tag scanners and training your staff on how to ensure security are some of the things you can do to secure your business. While cost my be an issue for some, getting the best security your money can buy can save you a lot from potential theft.

Report Fraud Immediately

If and when fraud or theft occurs, inform the relevant authorities immediately. This helps you to get experts to investigate and deters future crime.

At the end of the day, no business can be 100% fraud-proof. However, by implementing a few counter measures you can save yourself a lot of money and keep your customers safe.


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